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Sidney 15th February 2006 05:51

Biggest Lightning Storm Ever Recorded on Saturn
Scientists are tracking the strongest lighting storm ever detected at Saturn. The storm is larger than the continental United States, with electrical activity 1,000 times stronger than the lightning on Earth.

Radio outbursts were first detected by NASA's Cassini spacecraft Jan. 23.

The storm is about 2,175 miles wide (3,500 kilometers).

The Senile Doctor 15th February 2006 08:38

why the heck don't we have a local camera group supplying us with instorm cams???

DUR0N 22nd February 2006 11:12

yeah, where are those chicken storm hunters when a REAL storm happens.

Sugarbabe 25th April 2006 04:21

lol, I want to see Helen Hunt chase after those storms.

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