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deeppow 15th November 2003 23:31

Motherboard, Memory, & CPU Overclocking Guide
The guide is posted on several forums but though it might be of value here. Suggestions for improvement and corrections are very welcome. Particularly improvements related to Intel systems are needed. :cool:

Motherboard, Memory, and CPU Overclocking Guide. Guide configured to use a frames interface due to its large size. If you find broken links please let me know.

Table of Content
A Simple Perspective of Overclocking
A Simple Overview of Memory
The Mechanics of Overclocking the Motherboard, FSB, and CPU
.... Determining the Maximum FSB for nForce2
.... Determining the Maximum Memory Speed
.... Determining the Maximum CPU Speed
.... Locked CPU
.... PCI and AGP Buses
Results - A Couple Initial Overclocks
.... A nForce2 Motherboard
........ How Well Does Dual DDR Work
........ Overclocking the nForce2 FSB
........ Memory Settings and Their Effect on Overclocking for Dual Channel
........ Final Overclock of My nForce2
.... A KT333 Motherboard
........ Overclocking the KT333 FSB
........ Memory Settings and Their Effect on Overclocking


Gamer 15th November 2003 23:32


keep up the good work.

jmke 16th November 2003 00:25

this guide has been posted on the frontpage of some time ago :)

deeppow 16th November 2003 00:46

Saw the traffic coming through my site but didn't find the source in my initial search of your site. Thanks for the link.

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