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geoffrey 11th May 2008 16:40

PC chips M590 voltage modifications
PC chips M590

- 2-168pin DIMM slot (4/8/16/32/64/128/256meg SDRAM pc-66/100)
- Embedded 64 bit 3D AGP Graphics Accelerator with 4/8MB frame buffer
- 1024K Onboard Pipelined Burst synchronous L2 cache
- PC100 / SiS 5591 Pentium chipset
- 321pin ZIF socket 7 which supports these processors:
INTEL Pentium 90~350MHz P54C, P55C MMX
Cyrix/IBM 6x86/6x86L/6x86MX/MII, IDT C6,and AMD K5/K6/K6-2 CPUs
- Supports 60/66/75/83/100 MHz external clock speeds
- onboard 3D sound pro

geoffrey 11th May 2008 17:46

1 Attachment(s)
Locate the K34063A IC.

Clock input. Provides fundamental timing for the processor.

Bus Frequency clock multiplier (bus to core frequency ratio).
1.5x and 2.0x when only BF0 is present.
1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, and 3.0x when BF0 and BF1 are present.
2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, 4.0x, 4.5x, 5.0x, and 5.5x when BF0, BF1, and BF2 are present.
[ Note: What multipliers are available is entirely dependent on the processor itself. ]

geoffrey 11th May 2008 20:31

Using AMD K6 350MHz, I can choose following FSB settings:


Unfortunately there is a glitch in the BIOS, when using the 100MHz FSB setting I noticed how the multipliers settings did not match with what is applied in real life. Using multi 5 whould set the multiplier to 4.5 in real life. This happens only when using the 100MHz FSB settings, for the whole range of available multi's. Downside is that the highest I can set my CPU at is 500MHz (100x5.5), which is just barely higher then 85x5.5 (470MHz CPU).
Record is at 550MHz for now, I know I can easily hit that speed if the mainboard would not have the glitch.

I noticed how the ASUS P5A allows up to 120MHz FSB, this would bring me at 600MHz. Might require phase change cooling though.

I really need own PLL for CPU.

EDIT: might want to check out this:

Massman 11th May 2008 23:29

Excellent, I have the same motherboard lying around, I have the Asus P5A as well and have another board coming to me from germany.

Revival of the K6!!

geoffrey 12th May 2008 14:57

500MHz boot:

jmke 12th May 2008 15:21

don't pollute the HWbot;)

geoffrey 13th May 2008 17:59

What, no valid entry? Others do it too, no penalty for them?

geoffrey 17th May 2008 16:06

Pentium 1 166MHz MMX Test

Stock: 66MHz FSB x 2,5 multiplier = 166MHz

Test results:
100MHz FSB x 2x multiplier = boot, nice: CPU will like the bandwidth
100Mhz x 2,5 = boot :-p
100Mhz x 3 = boot ;-D
100Mhz x 4 = boot :D
100Mhz x 5 = boot :love:
100Mhz x 5,5 = boot :o ....... wait a minute, is that even possible????

For the 100MHz x 5,5 (550MHz) I had to increase CPU voltage up to 3,4V, but considering it is aircooled I began to question if that was even possible. That's more then triple its original speed... So, I let it boot into windows, there I noticed that the CPU speed is at only 314MHz (windows system readout). :angry:

In real life I don't think that the clock speed shown at system boot is not correct, to far beyond specs and others seem to hit only around 300MHz using same type of cooling. Hwbot scores:

Still good enough for me to get the gold medals, only have to get the USB interface working so that I can start installing software. I only wonder where all these verifications files went to, almost no entry has a picture included :no:

Anyway, I think this is a very good example why you should not accept system boot screenshots :D

jmke 18th May 2008 04:35

promising bootup OC, indeed unbelievable clocks on air; too bad it didn't last until windows:)

CPU-Z ranking is CPU-Z ranking;)

what do you mean with


I only wonder where all these verifications files went to, almost no entry has a picture included

geoffrey 18th May 2008 12:38


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 169780)
what do you mean with


Never mind, can see them now :)

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