Kingston SSDNow V+ Series 128GB SSD

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SSD’s are finally getting a firm grip within the market, helped in part by dropping prices and increasing capacities. If you have been holding off on upgrading then perhaps today we can change your mind. We would go so far… Go To Full Article

Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 GC Video Card Overclocked

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I mentioned the other week that we're doing a lot of these lately. That's due to the release of so many new models and then with upgraded coolers on those models. I'm sure it's going to die down a little… Go To Full Article

Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review

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Regular overclocker are we? Well having the motherboard on a box really doesnt cut it anymore. Dimastech have updated their legendary Bench Table, take a look inside to see what we thing. Go To Full Article

Thermalright prepping some new heatsinks

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How to unlock Geforce GTX 465, make a 470 out of it

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Reference based GeForce GTX 465 will unlock to GTX 470 in a couple of simple steps. Quote: As we learned later,… Go To Full Article

Sony preparing new PlayTV DVR for PS3

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Sony is working on the second-generation of its PlayTV PlayStation 3 DVR product, even though an official announcement regarding the DVR storage device hasn’t been released. The original PlayTV launched in 2008 with a price tag around… Go To Full Article

Flash vs Apple

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.... Apple wins.

ARM Readies Dual Core CPU Onslaught With 1.2 GHz Snapdragon

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There's no secret why the ARM architecture has trounced the x86 architecture in the mobile arena. The lowest Intel mobile processors (utilizing the Atom architecture) can get is 0.65 W (800 MHz Silverthorne, Atom Z Series), while ARM processors are… Go To Full Article

EVGA hints at more X58 "3" Series motherboards

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While we were browsing through the infinite feed of Twitter updates this morning, we sighted some very special Computex 2010 updates from our friend Jacob Freeman, Product Manager and Professional Enthusiast at EVGA. Although very brief in context, he revealed… Go To Full Article

New Sony OLED Display Can Roll Into Cylinder

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Sony recently debuted its latest in OLED technology: a 4.1-inch screen that's only 80 microns thick. The super-flexible display can roll up into a cylinder just 4mm in diameter while still showing moving images at 432×240 resolution. Instead of brittle… Go To Full Article

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