Disable GeForce GTX 580 Power Throttling

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NVIDIA shook the high-end PC hardware industry earlier this month with the surprise launch of its GeForce GTX 580 graphics card, which extended the lead for single-GPU performance NVIDIA has been holding. It also managed to come up with some… Go To Full Article

Windows Phone 7 beats iPhone 4 and Android ... in a grilling contest

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Let's face it, it's a question the world's been dying to know the answer to: which of the T-Mobile G2, HTC Surround and iPhone 4 will withstand a (literal) grilling the longest? Well, just in time for a mildly singed… Go To Full Article

Intel said to settle with Nvidia

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The rumors that have been positively boiling out from one side however say that they, err, Nvidia, will be getting about $1 Billion out of the deal. Intel on the other hand will likely be getting licenses to Nvidia patents,… Go To Full Article

Intel I7 Gaming Performance Analysis

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Intel's I7 platform has been around for more than two years now. Since its release in 2008, we have seen numerous reviews looking into the performance and capabilities of the platform. Many reviewers have looked at how CPU frequencies impact… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 6970 delay due to component shortage

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Partners not getting their AMD Radeon HD 6970 boards in time has led many to speculate AMD is indeed facing yield issues with its upcoming flagship GPU. However, an insider has shared a contradicting piece of news: the card's delay… Go To Full Article

Nvidia nForce, GeForce Chipsets Officially Become History

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Earlier this year Nvidia Corp. merged chipset and system-on-chip development teams in order to strengthen the Tegra product line. On Thursday chief executive officer of Nvidia officially said that the company was no longer building chipsets, which probably means that… Go To Full Article

Phenom II X6 and DDR3-2000: It’s Working!

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The main thing we have discovered in our today's tests is that DDR3-2000 SDRAM is indeed possible on Socket AM3 systems. We now know the prerequisites for that: 1) any Phenom II X6 processor, 2) any of the many mainboards… Go To Full Article

Intel makes 120GB X25-M official, cuts other SSD prices

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Intel just issued a press release stating the drive will appear stateside with a suggested price of $249. Actual street prices are likely to be a little different, but according to the company, the 120GB model should offer the best… Go To Full Article

Hidden Debug Mode Found In AMD Processors

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A hidden (and hardware password protected, by means of required special values in processor registers) debug mode has been found in AMD processors, and documented by a reverse engineer called Czernobyl on the RCE Forums community today. It enables powerful… Go To Full Article

AMD Catalyst 10.10e Hotfix Driver Enables MLAA For Radeon HD 5000 series

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AMD released the fifth hotfix update for Catalyst 10.10 WHQL. Catalyst 10.10e, like Catalyst 10.10c Hotfix, packs a number of game-specific performance improvements, and extends MLAA (morphological anti-aliasing) support introduced by Catalyst 10.10d Hotfix, to all Radeon HD 5000 series… Go To Full Article

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