Intel Core i7 CPU Water Block Roundup October 2009

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2009-10-18

Here we are again, with some brand new water blocks to cool your Nehalem or Lynnfield monster CPU. We got some strong contenders this time, which will give the blocks, that we already tested, a serious run for their money. In total 7 new blocks delivered to us thanks to Aquatuning. We compare performance to 6 blocks we previously tested. Find out which one cools your CPU the best!

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Aquacomputer Cuplex XT Di²

Aquacomputer Cuplex XT Di²:

Aquacomputer is the 2nd based in Germany company in this roundup. Being proud that all design and manufacturing is done in its own factory since 2001. No 2nd party contractors here for making covers, CNC, laser cutting etc... All is done under the one and the same roof.

Madshrimps (c)

There high end entry in this roundup is a real beauty; you absolutely can't avoid looking at the magnificent details on this block. The Cuplex XT Dié is claimed to perform as good with low as with high flow setups. A higher flow would only provide minimal gains according the Aquacomputer guys. Let's have a closer look at their pearl:

You can clearly see the marking of the "IN" through the Plexiglas cover, overall the attention to detail is breathtaking.

The base is polished for maximum looks. Notice the abrasive markings on the mounting plate. Apparently this is done on purpose, to ensure a more equal mount.

Aquacomputer's patented Double impact technology should ensure good cooling performance on all types of CPU's (single, dual, quad cores) whatever the brand. Let's explain the Double impact Technology in a few simple words: the fluid is injected in the first chamber and flows over the first part of the copper pins. Then via channels, it's accelerated into the 2nd chamber, to cool once again at the same flow rate, before finally leaving the block.

No surprises for the mounting system. The usual stuff and again no backplate for this German competitor.

Madshrimps (c)

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Comment from S3th @ 2009/10/28
Just had to sign up just to post this comment.

Thank you!

Must have been hard work benching so many blocks... and doing them all again just due to change of thermal paste. Thorough to say the least...

Though I am new to watercooling this is the only article I have found that tests this many waterblocks. This will sure help me in buying the right block for me.

Are there any other sources available like this?

None the less. Just felt like after all that hard work you deserved at least one thank you .

And I hope that you will expand this article over time so that it could be a big buyers guide almost... Covering as many waterblocks with real tested data as possible? Or does this exist already? Would be a major way for madshrimps to become even more unique?
Comment from jmke @ 2009/10/28
hi there, the author and tester Leeghoofd definitely deserves some praise for his hard work I agree
I don't know his exact plans when it comes to water blocks as he's learning along the way, but I would not rule out a standardized test setup on which to test a multitude of blocks.

For reference, here's another trustworthy source with some quality blocks compared
Comment from leeghoofd @ 2009/10/28
Thx Seth for the nice comment, I try to keep the roundups as simple as possible. The link from Jmke is the expert style, with flow charts and stuff... that's for the real die hards. Note also that they test with dual and triple pumps to get really the last degree out of the blocks. I prefer to stick to one popular pump to keep things understandable... and a sort of more european setup...

Thx for reading sir !
Comment from S3th @ 2009/10/29
Well i'll try to read closer who the author is next time .
Comment from JimmyJump @ 2009/10/31
Excellent round-up, thank you very much.

Here's a suggestion for a test-rig, ready to use and manufactured by some experts: the CoolerMaster Testbench
Comment from leeghoofd @ 2009/10/31
Dimastech test bench arrived on friday (pictures will follow soon

Thanks for the nice comment
Comment from jmke @ 2009/10/31
after my test of CM Testbench you take it for a spin to compare findings
Comment from Pardons @ 2009/10/31
using custom testbench here
pics will follow .
Comment from leeghoofd @ 2009/11/08