CoolerMaster updates the UCP900 to version 4: 80+ GOLD!

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by geoffrey @ 2009-06-19

We got hands-on experience with the latest and greatest Cooler Master PSU, a 900W unit rated 80 Plus Gold, and it will be available in shops soon too! Using some advanced test gear we get to put it under extreme load to see how it handles. Read on if power saving and a world´s first 80 Plus Gold rating is interesting for you! RS900-AAAA-A4

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Introduction, specs and test methodology


Madshrimps (c)
Image courtesy of DESK D.O.O.

Back visiting the Venlo CoolerMaster building for another batch of PSU tests we were greatly surprised to see René, the lab supervisor, playing around with a new version of the UCP 900 power supply. According to CoolerMaster this power supply is now 80+ Gold certified, and off course we made a few tests for our dearest readers who can't wait until the bigger sites post their reviews.

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For you to know is that the UCP 900 is not a new model from CoolerMaster, it's already available for quite a while now, though due to its high power and high efficiency (it's marked 80+ Silver) CoolerMaster decided to make a few changes so to claim the highest industry certification regarding PC power supply's: 80 Plus Gold. If you're looking for the new UCP model, try spotting the 80+ GOLD logo on front of the package/box, to be sure see if the product number ends with "A4", version 4, the 80+ gold version. We could not reveal what exact changes had been made, though we did have few minutes of spare time to run a small batch of tests. Here is a recap of the specs of the UCP:

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

All together there isn't much changed, all tweaks have been done inside the power supply. Before we continue let's make a recap of the power supply test station:

Test methodology

Testing PSU's is far from testing videocards, there is no frame rate or bandwidth score which represents the 'performance', in order to properly test power supply we decided to stress them with professional equipment so to give our readers representable facts and no "half done 5-min plug-in-and-see-if-it-works" articles. Off course this equipment costs an insane amount of cash but we're lucky to once again visit the CoolerMaster labs in Venlo where they have high end pro-tools waiting for us to be put to good use:

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CoolerMaster was glad to help us out, for more info about the test setup I'll link you to our last article where we made some in-depth PSU tests using the same equipment. Although we did add one of CoolerMaster's own PC power supply's in this article you must know at all times that we did our tests more or less on our own with little or no help from CoolerMaster supervisor René. Our result are not biased, our goal is to give facts, not to make advertisements. René had tested the CM 900 v4 before we arrived and presented us with the data sheet, Geoffrey promptly re-tested all the different load levels to verify the results!
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Comment from blind_ripper @ 2009/06/19
very nice , love it.
Comment from skulstation @ 2009/06/21
nice review
it's a verry good psu i use it on my skulltrail