Titan Datacooler DWC-A1 - Budget water cooling tested

Cooling/Water Cooling by DUR0N @ 2003-09-22

DUR0N takes a look at the TITAN DATACOOLER DWC-A1 budget water cooling setup, made to fit in one 5.25" bay. Comparing in to an updated version of the Coolermaster Aero 7 (the Aero 7+) to see just how good and silent water cooling can be!

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Testing the goods

Testing the goods.

Now, let’s put these things on the test bench, which consists of:
  • Athlon XP JIUHB 1700+ @2250mhz (1.85v vcore)
  • Abit KX333
  • 512mb PC2700 Infineon original with heatspreaders
  • other hardware that doesn't affects tests, but kept the same
  • system was not mounted in a case so roomtemp means casetemp.

    While maintaining a pleasant 22°C,(it was summer alright, maintaining 22°C is difficult) I used the high, medium and low settings on the Datacooler kit. On the Aero7+ I also used two levels of RPM. One just before the cooler began to make a loud annoying sound (~65% of the max speed) and one on full throttle. But enough of this mambo-jambo, you're here for the graphs right?

    Madshrimps (c)

    Et voila! All nice and tidy in one small graph. You'll notice that when you increase the fan speed on the Datacooler, the temps go down in equally big steps of 1°C. So the noise doesn't justify its temperature drop. Bummer, but we're living in a world full of gadgets and funky switches, so this is not such a big problem.

    As for the Aero7+: the temperature drops quite hard when you use max speed, but you'll have that nasty side-effect: noise. Irritating noise. But when turned down a bit, the noise fades quickly. Silent and in the meantime still performant, the Aero7+ design is finally paying off.

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