Arctic Cooling Silentium T2 ECO 80 ATX Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by jmke @ 2008-06-20

Arctic Cooling, well known for their low noise CPU and VGA coolers, has developed their own Silentium ATX case series some time ago. We take a look at the latest incarnation, the T2 ECO 80 which comes with a high efficiency 550W PSU, HDD noise absorption system and decoupled low noise case fans. Can this case live up to their high standards? Let us find out.

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Introduction & Specs


Arctic Cooling’s Silentium case series is build for low noise computing, as it name implies. We tested the first Silentium T2 (none ECO 80) almost three years ago.

You can’t tell the difference between the new version and the 3 year old one by just looking at the outside as nothing has changed in that area. The real changes are within; the T2 ECO 80 features a more powerful PSU (550W), quieter fans and new HDD mounting system. Does it have what it takes to cool down a high end system quietly? Time to find out.

The T2 is shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, which got slightly damaged during transport, but the T2 case was intact.

Madshrimps (c)


This rather compact case is marketed as a full ATX enclosure, here’s what it has to offer:

Madshrimps (c)

The PSU included has the following specs:

Madshrimps (c)

Let’s take a closer look ->
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Comment from Henrik1967 @ 2008/07/31
I recently bought an Arctic Cooling Silentium T3 ECO 80 ATX Case - also with loose PSU fan.
But in my case, there wasn't included a set of new soft mounting rubber plugs in an envelope.

I've contacted Arctic Cooling via their form on their homepage - no answer.
Where can I buy these unique rubber plugs?

Local dealer won't help me, unless I return the whole cabinet (longer story).

Kind regards,
Henrik - Denmark
Comment from jmke @ 2008/07/31
hello Henrik, can you email me your details (full name, address) and I will contact my AC PR contact to have them send you a set!