P4 2.4B-2.4C with 865PE-875P vs AXP 2500+ with nForce2

CPU by Zroc @ 2003-05-12

With the newly released Springdale (865PE) and Canterwood (875P) motherboards and 800FSB P4?s, intel has taken a huge leap in both stock speed and overclockability. Will this crush the competition - the very affordable nForce2 + Barton combo - or are PAT, Hyperthreading, integrated S-ATA, and Gigabit lan just buzz words?

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With the newly released Springdale (865PE) and Canterwood (875P) motherboards, along with the 800 FSB P4's, Intel is giving AMD a very hard time.

Until recently, AMD's Tbreds managed to be a very decent alternative for overclockers thanks to their adjustable multiplier. A cheap XP1700+ coupled with a good nforce2 motherboard managed to outperform some Intel 3.06Ghz overclocks, thanks to their high overclockability and far higher front side speed bus.

However, the new 865PE/875P motherboards coupled with an 800 FSB P4 have proven to be overclocking wonders, the new P4 2.4C has already been declared the new Celeron 300A / P4 1.6A...

How does the new Intel 800 FSB platform compare to AMD's flagship? Is PAT (Performance Acceleration Technology) really worth getting a 875P instead of 865PE? Will Hyperthreading really benefit you, and why should we be so excited with the fact that the 875P has integrated SATA and CSA Lan?
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