P4 2.4B-2.4C with 865PE-875P vs AXP 2500+ with nForce2

CPU by Zroc @ 2003-05-12

With the newly released Springdale (865PE) and Canterwood (875P) motherboards and 800FSB P4?s, intel has taken a huge leap in both stock speed and overclockability. Will this crush the competition - the very affordable nForce2 + Barton combo - or are PAT, Hyperthreading, integrated S-ATA, and Gigabit lan just buzz words?

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The Test Setup

Test Setup:

We're going to look at the nForce2 version 2.0 with a Barton 2500+, and then the 2.4B/533 and 2.4C/800 procs with both the 865PE and 875P.

AMD NF2Intel SpringdaleIntel Canterwood
MotherboardAbit NF7-S rev2.0MSI 865PE-LSAbit IC7
CPUBarton 2500+2.4B/533 & 2.4C/800
GFXR9700 Pro Cat 3.2, default performance settings
SoundSoundblaster Audigy
Memory2*256mb Kingston HyperX PC3500
HDWD Raptor 10k SATA drive
OSWinXP Pro SP1, DX 9.0a

When I say exactly, I mean I used the exact same pieces for each scenario...I wanted to eliminate any possible variance.

For a brief moment, I was going to do a stock cooling comparison, but as I learned last time, this makes AMD rather boring. So, for the Barton, I ended up using an SLK 800-U cooler, and a freakin' loud Delta 6800rpm fan. I had a regular 80mm on there, but it just couldn't handle 2.0v, so I went to the hair dryer. For Intel, I stuck to my guns, and stayed with the stock Intel heatsink.

Everything else is bone stock...no other mods. I'm doing it this way, because I wanted to represent what can happen for the average, everyday air overclocker, just looking to get their bang-for-the buck. Hopefully anyone, from the hardcore to the newbie, can take something good away from the comparisons and tendencies of these platform results.

The tests run are Sandra 2003 Memory Bandwidth, Comanche default 640x480, Quake III 1.17 demo001 default Fastest, Jedi Knight II jk2ffa default Fastest, Unreal Tournament Flyby and Botmatch with Anand's HQ scripts at 640x480, and 3DMark 2001 SE at both 640x480 and 1024x768 default. What I'm trying to accomplish here is a good platform versus platform comparison, so I used the lowest default settings on each bench, to help take away the video card bottleneck. I also ran 3DMark at default, because it's so recognizable. Should prove interesting.

Let's roll...
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