KT400A vs nForce2 vs SiS746

Motherboards/AMD S462 by piotke @ 2003-05-15

A couple of months ago nVidia introduced the nForce? chipset for AMD. It outperformed VIA?s KT400 chipset by a considerably margin. Now VIA introduced a newer version, the KT400A. Is it a decent alternative for the Nforce?? And what about Sis ? They have the Sis 746 that boasts 200Mhz FSB. I compared three motherboards based on these chipsets, and of course, overclocked them. Tested motherboards: Abit NF7-S v2.0 (nForce2) , DFI Lanparty (KT400A) and the ECS L7S7A2L (SiS746)

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Madshrimps (c)

The boards:

  • DFI LanParty, based on the Via KT400A chipset. (Provided by Comtechnology.net)
  • Abit NF7-s, this is the NforceĀ² board.
  • ECS L7S7A2L, the cheapest one, with the Sis 746 chipset.

    First I'm going to discuss the general layout, summarize the options provided on the motherboard, the usual stuff.
    I'm not going to spend much time on this aspect, because it isn't MAD enough for me ;)

    There is no picture from the DFI box, although it was quit impressive.

    Madshrimps (c)

    After that it's time for overclocking. Most test that will be run, are testing the speed of the cpu and memory.

    Now, on what rig are we going to run the tests?

    DFI LanPartyABIT NF7-sECS L7S7A2L
    Athlon XP 1800+ Tbred
    2*256 Mb TwinMos pc3200 "50B" DDR
    MSI GeForce 4 ti4200 128 MB DDR
    IBM deskstar 70 Gb 7200 rpm
    ThermalRight SLK800 + PAPST 8412N 80mm

    Special thanks already to:
    - [M]-crew, for their help in debugging this article.
    - Sisco from Shrimp forum, for borrowing me his GeForce 4.
    - And Dikkie from Loveno forum for his ECS mainboard.
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