In-Win Allure MicroATX Designer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by jmke @ 2008-01-02

In-Win has a flashy microATX in their product lineup, the Allure comes in white color with fancy flower pattern and small footprint. Designed to blend in with its environment will certainly please the ladies. Let´s take a closer look.

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Introduction & Specs


In-Win has been in the enclosure business for many years now, but it has only been a couple since they first from OEM to retail products. Since our first In-Win review back in 2004 they have expanded their enthusiast line-up, today we have a close look at a small size “cute” case, aimed at the Madshrimps (c) market.

The Allure design team gave the case a definte female touch, the classic white with flower pattern and small decorative stones on the side panels. The case is shipped in a compact box which matches the case design:

Madshrimps (c)

The case is wrapped in a protective foam bag to prevent damage to the side panels, it’s best to keep that foam bag around when you are installing the system, as it’s a good protection layer.


You can take a quick look here at the specifications, or wait for the flash animation below to load:

Flash Animation courtesy of In-Win

This case is for micro-ATX motherboards, don’t expect to build a high end system in here, it’s meant for low-midrange systems as its diminutive size prevents large cooling fans to be installed. There’s still room inside for up to 4 hard drives and 2 optical drives though.

Let’s take a closer look ->
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Comment from Rutar @ 2008/01/02
I wonder if women really want flowers on their case.
Comment from geoffrey @ 2008/01/02
No, even some of the male gender like those, me for example. Makes me think of Japanese flower art
Comment from jmke @ 2008/01/02
Originally Posted by Rutar View Post
I wonder if women really want flowers on their case.
my girlfriend really diggs the case, first PC related object that can stay in the living room and she actually visually likes.

Her girlfriends like it too, none of them are PC minded