Aguatec Blue Ice CP-102 aka Water-X

Cooling/Water Cooling by jmke @ 2003-04-02

Having read nothing but bad things about this cooler, I was bound to find out if it was true. My local HW store informed me they had them in stock. So out I went and got this gruesome duo. Water/Aircooled Heatsink Action ahead...

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First of all I would like to thank Colorcase for providing me with this product, they gave me the opportunity to find out first hand how hard this unit sucks. Yes - I used the S word. There is no other way to describe it. If you think otherwise please feel free to email me, but I don't even see how this product can be out in stores in it's current state.

It is targeted at the END-user. I may not be the Uber-Hardware guru out there, but I'm far from your average PC user, and if I can't get it to function as it should then the chance is real that a normal end-user will be faced with a dead motherboard/cpu hours after installing his new "gizmo" heatsink.

The product is currently selling solely on its LOOKS. Even the specifications on the box make you realise that it isn't worth your money:

  • Copper radiator/Aluminium heatsink+water = corrosion. In the end the waterflow will stop and your CPU will fry.
  • 60mm FAN running at +5000rpm speeds. Loud as hell at it is placed so closely to the radiator that it only has effect on the outer ring of the radiator, since the middle of the fan is being occupied by its motor.
  • The base of the heatsink is in Aluminium! Even a cheap copper heatsink + silent fan will outperform this unit.
  • no manual: you have to figure out everything by yourself, screw up? Too bad for you!
  • Leaks! This one is obvious, a faulty product is hard to test on performance.

    If anyone wants to send me another sample for testing that isn't faulty and is known to work okay, contact me here.

    I never rated products in my reviews and I don't intend to start. But this one is special. On scale from 0 to 10 this Blue Ice scores 0. Enough said.

    Hope you liked reading my first negative review on [M]. They can't all be good now can they? :)

    If you have any comments / questions you can drop them in this thread @ the forums (no regis. required)
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