HuntKey HK500-13BP 500W Power Supply Review

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by Berry @ 2007-01-18

And they came from the East, a thousand strong. Like a storm, they ravaged the lands. Unknown, exotic, different than ever been seen. One sat down at my table, and ate, drank and laughed. We´re all so different, yet all the same. HuntKey, a Chinese company let us test drive their 500W Power Supply.

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To be honest, when I was asked to do a review on this power supply, I’d never heard of the brand Huntkey. Looking on the net, I found a lot of information, summed in the following:

Madshrimps (c)

Huntkey Enterprise is the largest PC power manufacturer in mainland China ,engaging in developing, designing, manufacturing and selling complete range of switching power supplies and power supply systems, Huntkey, an ISO9001:2000 certificated incorporation, a regular member of PSMA(Power Sources Manufacturers Association) with headquarter and factory in Shenzhen, has over 5000 employees with around 105000 square meters for designing, engineering, and production.

Huntkey offers a comprehensive range of switching power supplies from 1W to 250KW, including PC power supply, telecom power supply system, D.C.system for power station, adapter/charger, DC/DC converter, UPS, open frame power supply and so on, The power supplies Huntkey made, according to CCC,UL,TUV,CE,CSA,
and FCC B, were adopted as regular power components by many famous corporations and organization such as LENOVO, China Mobile, UT Starcom, KONKA etc.

Huntkey will hold the business philosophy as Integrity, Speciality, Innovation, Quality and Service all along, to improve for providing superior products and services to meet customers' all requirements. Nowadays, Huntkey is committing itself to be a world-leading professional power supplies provider.

Madshrimps (c)

In their stated product portfolio you’ll find the following:

  • PC Power Supply
  • Server Power Supply
  • Vehicle Power Supply
  • Power Inverter
  • Electric Power Supply
  • Telecom Power Supply
  • Adapters
  • Chargers
  • Open Frame Power Supply
  • LCD TV Power
  • CPU Coolers
  • PC Cases

    After some more searching and looking up the UL-number, E181356, more on this company comes clear. Huntkey is an independent part of a large company, SHENZHEN CHI YUAN INDUSTRIAL CO LTD, which is a mayor player on the Chinese market. Using the same UL-number more brands have brought power-supply’s on the market, like Ever Green, North Q, Dynex, LC-power and nMedia PC.

    On their site, you can find some clear statements on their products, and the terms under which they are manufactured:

    Quality is the soul of Huntkey. Providing accurate products to meet customers' needs is Huntkey's quality principle. Just with this principle, Huntkey got ISO9002:1994 certification in 1998,and ISO9001:2000 certification in 2001.Also, each model of products has obtained UL, TUV, CCEE, CSA, EMC, FCC-B, VDE certification .

    To assure the quality of products, Huntkey introduced advanced equipment, such as SMT, CHROMA6000, ATE, ICT, etc. And modern management systems, QS9000, FMEA, MSA, and SPC.CPK, are applied also. These allow Huntkey to assure the quality of products and hold a quite market share in mainland China.

    Huntkey recognizes that quality is not only the result of technology but also of the whole company operations. So Huntkey adopts stringent quality standards and management system. These enable Huntkey to become a qualified supplier to such as Lenovo, Founder, Tsinghua Tongfang, Haier, UT starcom, Bestbuy etc

    And even more rare, their testing methodology.
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    Comment from EsaT @ 2007/01/19
    They surely know how to give good first impression:
    MTBF 50,000 hours at 25°C
    "Standard" is ~100 000 hours at 50°C...

    Design is old, uselessly overpowered 5V with 12V being seriously underpowered and efficiency is low.

    upper mainstream gaming rig. It generates a fair amount of load, 445W max...

    resulted in a consumed power (Peak) of 2,21Amps, giving almost 500W out of the wall.
    You forgot that this PSU converts some serious amount of electricity into kinetic energy of particles aka heat.
    Real load on PSU is more inline with 350W because of low efficiency. (500W *0.7)

    You must have overclocked those NoiseBlocker fans seriously to get that much overshooting consumption!

    PS. Next time take photo of PSUs spec sticker from slightly oblique angle to avoid washing of highlights because of reflecting light of flash. (remember law of reflection)
    Comment from Berry @ 2007/01/21
    First off all, read the review on the silverstone ST40EF,
    and the stated ratings, and measurements there.
    I clearly admit, this isn`t the most reliable way off measuring, but I`m working on that.

    As for the fan`s, I`ve taken the liberty of verifying the stated power-consumption, by separately measuring all four fan`s using a single connector.
    Free flow(free on desk): 2,3A combined(12,12V)=27,88W
    Build in system: 2,71A combined(12,11V)=32,81W
    Power-on peak:3,41A using peak-measurement.
    As for the fan`s used, they are the SX2-Pro(Black)
    and of a slightly different build than the ones on their site.
    Comment from jort @ 2007/01/28
    Nice review berry

    Typo? "

    No power card included"

    Comment from jmke @ 2007/01/28
    Fixed, thanks