Cooler Master CM Stacker 830 Evolution Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by jmke @ 2007-01-29

What has four wheels, high performance and comes with an insanely high attention to detail? The CM Stacker 830 Evolution is Coolermaster´s latest high end enclosure which can fit up to nine 120mm fans, has 9 5.25 inch drive bays and full ATX/BTX compatibility. The equivalent of a high priced exclusive sports car? Let´s find out.

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Introduction & Specifications


The Coolermaster brand name needs practically no introduction, their products are widespread and well known both in the OEM as in the enthusiast retail market. When they launched a new high end chassis a few years ago, it was revolutionary in terms of performance, mod-ability and compatibility. The CM Stacker has received well deserved praise over the past years, and many companies have tried to mimic their design and feature set, but not quite pulled it off.

Coolermaster is destined to stay ahead of the competition and have recently introduced the CM Stacker 830 Evo which features an altered exterior look, more extensive motherboard support, larger PSU support and the total package contains a truckload of enthusiast minded extra’s, this enclosure is at the very high end of the price/performance scale and today I’ll take a closer look at what it has to offer.

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The CM Stacker 830 Evo comes in a big cardboard box with clear photo’s of the case on the outside, the backside details the features and cooling capabilities.

Coolermaster sums it up like this:

CM Stacker 830 Evolution will lead the market with its stylish streamlined aluminum design, extremely powerful functionality and its brilliant ATX/BTX dual compatibility mechanism. CM Stacker 830 Evolution has special side fan bracket and total support to up to nine 120mm fans. It can also be upgraded to accommodate with Cooler Master ’s latest liquid cooling system to achieve the best thermal per performance with the most silent per performance. This ground-breaking chassis is designed with value-added functionality, unmatchable upgrade ability, tool-free user-friendliness, and superior thermal per performance.

Here’s an overview of the features as displayed on the backside of the box, on the following pages we’ll go more into detail:

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Things to note from the specs sheet is the large PSU support, BTX compatibility and massive cooling options.

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Coolermaster is releasing the CM Stacker 83x series in different configuration to fit different budgets and needs:

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Different versions compared (image courtesy of Cooler Master)

Let’s take a closer look at the outside ->
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Comment from SuAside @ 2007/01/29
looks like they fixed some of the previous gripes i had with it.

still, it's a lil' steep in price & i wouldn't really like dragging it to LANs (regardles of the wheels).
Comment from thorgal @ 2007/01/29
Excellent review J.

Only one Q. : doesn't it deserve the High End recommendation ?
Comment from jmke @ 2007/01/29
got another high end case for test this week, and few others which need to be checked before tagging anything
Comment from Sidney @ 2007/01/29
thorgal = award giver?
Comment from thorgal @ 2007/01/29
Originally Posted by lazyman View Post
thorgal = award giver?
Not at all Jmke decides over all things big and small
Comment from jmke @ 2007/01/30
there is no such thing as awards!