Seasonic Power Angel - Power Monitor Review

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by SidneyWong @ 2006-02-09

I am puzzled by the ever increasing processor power consumption in recent years. Both AMD and Intel are working quite hard lately to reduce power used by their products while new graphic cards are demanding for more. How much power does a home PC draw? Seasonic Power Angel may answer some of the questions.

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Introduction :

A monitor that can save you some money and knows exactly where your electricity goes. With gasoline price going up to the roof, heating gas double every year and now when I look at the electricity bill I feel sick. Seasonic provides this handy product not only for PC users to find out how much their high performance rig is burning a hole in their wallet but also for home owners to locate the WATTAGE guzzlers.

I have read the Power Angel reviews before. Celia from Seasonic U.S. office was kind enough to send me a sample so that I could taste it personally. The next two days, this little device was able to keep me busy hunting around the house to measure what was eating me alive in electricity consumption.

The sample came in a blister pack with hang tag, good for retail store sales and not very nice for photography.

Madshrimps (c)

The Power Angel is not something made for PC users only; a power monitor good for anyone who is interested in power consumption required under certain situation such as in a RV, Boat or your in house high power music jamming room.

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

Not showing above are: Frequency in Hz; Timer in hour; and Power Factor.

Am I plugging in more than what a 15 amp socket is rated?

Let's go find out more ->
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