[MAD] Folding Fever!

Others/Miscelleneous by jmke @ 2004-05-14

We our donating our spare CPU cycles to a good cause and have some competitive at the same time. So put your idle CPU cycles to good use and help us become numbero UNO! To get started or just learn more about Folding@HOME, read on

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Introduction + first Install

Madshrimps (c)

Let´s see how much cpu-power the madshrimps have ! Let"s NOT waste all the empty cycles of our systems ... Let"s do something usefull with that highly OC´ed rig !

If you have doubts about the client consuming all ur computing powah :

The results of our testing couldn´t be clearer, at least for the systems we´ve tested today. Quite simply, the impact of running Folding@Home in the background is negligible. Even the most discerning users won´t notice it. Windows allocates CPU time slices according to process priority, and as long as the Folding@Home client is running as an idle-priority task (which is how it runs by default), one shouldn´t notice any slowdown.

Tech-Report Performance review(link)

Client Installation:

* Download the client here for your platform
* The resultpapers and what has come from our efforts
* What does folding mean anyways? find out here...
* Install the program, when asked for a name enter "nickname"
* Start the program and change the team number to 37249 (right click the icon in the system bar)
* that´s it!

Madshrimps (c)
enter your user info & team number here (please note that team number has changed to "37249")

Madshrimps (c)
When you select the display/fullscreen option you get to see "some" action :)

Connection Troubleshooting:

Core download problems = firewall problems ?
*Try quiting the client, re-configure your firewall and start it back up.
* Did you fill in your proxy? (e.g.: Telenet users)

Madshrimps (c)
Did you fill in the connections tab correctly ?

You are all set to GO! Madshrimps (c)

If you want info on how to run Folding@HOME as a system service, read on...
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