[MAD] Folding Fever!

Others/Miscelleneous by jmke @ 2004-05-14

We our donating our spare CPU cycles to a good cause and have some competitive at the same time. So put your idle CPU cycles to good use and help us become numbero UNO! To get started or just learn more about Folding@HOME, read on

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System Service

System Service:

Let me all remind you to be careful when installing the client on PC´s that aren´t your property.
It´s outrageous but this guy has been convicted for it.


So ... ask your employer or owner to install the client. If you explain properly how it works and who is benefitting from it he or she may even offer to install it on even more machines.

Now that´s out of the way, let´s get started:

What do you need ?

* Firedeamon lite - freeware (r/click = dl) - Firedeamon is a service-manager for Windows

* Folding client – latest console version

What now ?

1) Run the FAH4Console.exe, fill in the info (nickname & teamnumber, and proxy if needed), check if it can connect the server & get a WorkUnit. As soon as this is ok, close the "dos-box".

Username: JMke
Team Number: 37249

- If you already had the Graphical Client installed, just put the FAH4Console.exe into it´s directory and it will use the client.cfg and continue the work you have already done.

2) Install the folding client and firedeamon and add a service. This service being : FAH4Console ... browse to the executable by pressing the .... next to "Executable"

Madshrimps (c)

3) Install the service

Madshrimps (c)

4) Reboot

5) When you start back up the PC will immediatly start folding as it is installed as a service … no matter who logs on and off. No-one will notice exept people running taskmanager or people looking into the installed services

Madshrimps (c)

6) if you were using the Graphical Client remember to remove the folding exe out of your startup programs - group

7) You just gained a new workhorse for your ever growing army! Madshrimps (c) :)

Thanks go out to Bosw8er for all the supplied info!

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