Cooler Master Real Power 550W SLI PSU Review

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by Gamer @ 2006-02-27

Coolermaster surprised us two years ago with their Real Power 450W PSU, offering solid performance for a competitive price. Today we have their latest in for testing - a 550W SLI certified unit equipped with 120mm for silent operation.

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Test & Conclusion

Test Setup and Methodology

Gamer's Test Setup
CPU AMD Athlon FX-57
Mainboard EPox 9NPA+ SLI
Memory 2x1Gb PC3200 GSkill
Video Cards 2* Aopen 7800GTX 256Mb
Case and Cooling Lian-Li V2000
120mm front/120mm back
  • Maxtor 200Gb
  • Maxtor 120Gb
  • Sony DRU-710A

  • The PSU was used for several weeks in this SLI system, many sessions of Battle Field 2 later I’m convinced that this unit can deliver the power needed for a demanding game-rig.

    Madshrimps (c)

    Using a multi-meter I measured the different rails while 3DMark2006 was looped for several hours then the test was repeated during DVD burning.


    Madshrimps (c)

    The Real Power 550W SLI holds all the lines well within the safe margins

    Madshrimps (c)
    From Planet3dnow ©

    Conclusive Thoughts

    Coolermaster first Real Power unit introduced almost 2 years ago at Cebit has offered many enthusiasts a good value for money PSU, their latest unit is again priced very competitively around the $/€100 mark (EU/US) and offers solid performance for those with power hungry dual video card systems. Their tried and cooling design using a 120mm fan keeps noise levels down and this will surely be appreciated during those none-gaming sessions.

    For the extreme enthusiast this unit lacks the adjustable rails and maybe that extra oomph for over-volting and overclocking your hardware but at the end of the day you have to realize that only a small percentage of the potential buyers out there are into this.

    If you bought yourself a high end system and want a decent PSU then the Real Power 550W will deliver.

    SLI certified PSU
    Stable voltages on all rails within specifications
    Competitively priced (~$/€100)
    Attention to detail, good finish
    Silent operation

    No adjustable voltage rails

    I thank Joost from Coolermaster for setting us up with the test unit.

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