Mega of Hardware origin - China

Others/Editorials by SidneyWong @ 2005-12-24

The Mega of Personal Computer hardware center, China makes more hardware for PC than any other places in the world while some of the sales and marketing functions are being handled by Taiwan for now. There is no better place than Guangzhou, China in terms of weather; gourmet food; access to sea port; the city has more than 2,800 years of history.

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What do PC enthusiasts do?

What do PC enthusiasts do in China?

No difference from the western counter parts, PC enthusiasts are overclockers, gamers, cyber nuts, hackers and critics like you and I. A DSL line would cost RMB $130 per month. Counter Strike’s is a popular game. Cyber stores would cost RMB $4.00 per hour to get online surfing the net. The local games are uninteresting to say the least; most are based on ancient mystique Kung Fu characters.

They also share something very similar if not more critical than the Western counter part, low or no noise system. This is easy to understand. Old folks (parents) don't like computers; living with them could be painful. A quiet system may well save a lot of headache, let alone living with a noisy PC next to your bed.

Getting a license to run a cyber store and games is now impossible, because it is too profitable?? Besides, I have learnt a minimum of 60 stations with sufficient sitting area plus fire sprinkler system is the requirement.

Contrary to the popularity of water cooling in the West, it is not the prefer way of cooling. They are too practical in knowing something will break at a price they couldn't afford. Perhaps, this may change shortly as changes are constant in China, particularly in recent years. Being practical is reserved for those who couldn't afford, right?

In short, overclockers take less risk so that their hard earned money could be extended a little longer. They do consume more beer than ever before based on my knowledge. Here is the popular beverage - Tsingtao Beer

Madshrimps (c)

The Beer Bars in Southern China are crowded during the week days. For RMB $100 you get one dozen Tsingtao beers (excellent taste), your buddies and you will enjoy the most popular dice game with loud rock music pounding your ear drums.

They enjoy a good ride, unlike our U.S. and EU PC enthusiasts in the choice of type and brand. Here are the most popular transport, all assembled in China and for domestic consumption only. The 125cc goes for about RMB $6,500 and the 100cc is about RMB$ 5,500. I saw ONE Harley-Davidson during my 14 days stay.

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

The more mature ones or those with higher income will go for this with a price tag ~RMB$ 120,000.

Madshrimps (c)

I would love to show you more pictures; although Chinese like their cameras, they don't like their pictures being taken and they don't hesitate to tell you on the spot.

Motor bikes are no longer allowed in large city and operated on highways. Motorists don't seem to obey/follow the rules of the land; running red light is common and don't expect them to stop coming out from a side street onto main road. I counted the number of time a bus driver pushing the air honk in a 15 minutes city ride; average once every 30 seconds to avoid "incidents".
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