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Others/Editorials by SidneyWong @ 2005-12-24

The Mega of Personal Computer hardware center, China makes more hardware for PC than any other places in the world while some of the sales and marketing functions are being handled by Taiwan for now. There is no better place than Guangzhou, China in terms of weather; gourmet food; access to sea port; the city has more than 2,800 years of history.

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To Get There

To Get There:

I thought if the hardware you are using; video card; ATX case; motherboard; keyboard/mouse; LCD display; Fan Controller; Power Supply; Fan or whatever have “Made in China” country of origin, you might be interested in knowing the City of Guangzhou located in the Province of Guangdong, China.

I started the 15-hour non-stop flight from Chicago to Hong Kong; the flight took me directly over the North Pole. Here is a shot taken from the window seat over the vast area of Russia - frozen ground.

Madshrimps (c)

The easiest way to get to Guangzhou is to go to Hong Kong where you will find the biggest and the most modern airport before your plane lands. Take the train to Guangzhou 174 km (107 miles) is just a couple of hours away.

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, and the Star Ferry ride I used to take daily more than 30 years ago.

The History of Hong Kong is quite unique after being a Colony of Great Britain for a century until 1997. The Opium War is certainly fascinating if you missed some modern history classes by any chance. Before you head for the train station, a day or two wondering around this ultra modern city is a must. If you speak/read English, you will be quite okay navigating the streets using its underground rail system.

I did not realize the World Trade Organization (WTO) had staged a gathering in Hong Kong previously. I am sure you have heard of the so called peaceful demonstration last week from your local news network. I ended up staying with one of my relatives for the night before I headed for Guangzhou the next day. There is a wonderful view from her luxury town house overlooking the ocean.

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A little bit about Southern China (excluding Hong Kong) -

  • The local currency is RMB in dollar; Exchange rate US$1.00 to RMB$8.00
  • Medium monthly income is about RMB$1,500 (US$187)
  • Temperature reaches over 32°C in the summer and about 6°C in a relatively short two winter months

    While the medium income is low in western standard, it is entirely different just a few miles south of the border, Hong Kong, where medium income is much higher. For comparison, a 500 sq. ft. apartment commands for over US$ 1,000 per month.

    Come to think of the medium income, no wonder most hardware is made in China from Taiwan investment companies and other major players like ATI, Nvidia, AMD and Intel.
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