Thermaltake T-Type H20-temp Indicator Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by KeithSuppe @ 2005-10-11

Thermaltake provides an easy to use T-Type digital water-temp meter. Reading your H20-cooling system anywhere in the loop you like, the unit features a water-temp alarm, if for example your pump were to fail. Is the unit accurate? Read on to find out.

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Tt CL-W0033

Thermaltake T-Type water-temp indicator:

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Thermaltake describes their digital temp device as a "T-Type Water Temperature Indicator" product number CL-W0033. The device comes packaged as seen below.

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Included in the package is everything you need to install the T-Type temp indicator, including quick-connectors for 1/4' (6.4mm Thermaltake ID), 3/8" (10mm) or 1/2" (12mm) ID tubing. Two of each of course allowing you insert the T-Type section anywhere in your system. Also included is a Velcro section which can be trimmed.

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CL-W0033 Specifications
Sampling Rate 1 Second
Range 0°C to 90 °C (32°F to 194 °F )
Resolution 0.1 °C (0.1 °F)
Accuracy +/- 1 °C (+/-2 °F)
Display Constant
Alarm Setting Range 40°C ~ 90°C
Range 0°C to 90 °C (32°F to 194 °F )
LED Status Blue = normal / Red = Alarm
Weight 203g (total)

To determine the relative accuracy (calibrate) of the Thermaltake's T-Type meter I placed the T-junction with it's thermocouple in an ice-bath while simultaneously placing probe from an EXtech 22-816 RMS digital multimeter. The EXtech indicated 0.1C while Thermaltake's T-Type indicated 1.7C. Next I removed a pan of boiling water allowing it to drop below its 100C temp as the T-Type temp-meter's limit is 90C. The EXtech multimeter indicated 72C with the T-Type indicated 75C, however leaving both devices in the water as it cooled Thermaltake's T-Type was off just 1-celsius degree as the water-temp dropped between 60C and 30C. As advertised the meter does become more accurate where it counts most.

Thermltake's T-Type water temperature indicator was tested in my Alphacool's passive water cooling system 12V Cora 662 XP. The kit is based on 8mm (internal) hosing and Alphacool's AP910 (made exclusively for Alphacool by OASE) centrifugal pump rated at 900l/h and 2.8m max delivery height. Water temps are measured at the inlet and outlet of the water block.

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Splicing the tubing between the radiator outlet and NexXxos XP inlet. The system is configured as follows: Pump > Radiator > Waterblock > Reservoir (return to Pump inlet). Repeated tests indicate this particular order yields the lowest CPU (water block) temps. As noted above I placed the T-type meter at the NexXxos XP inlet and a waterproof Mercury based thermometer submerged in the reservoir, which is directly fed from the water block outlet. Measurements at these points as well as monitoring the P4 630 internal thermal diode provide us with all the information we might need for Delta-T formulae.

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