Coolermaster Musketeer 3 Review

Modding/Small Mods by easypanic @ 2005-08-29

Coolermaster brings us a new revision of their Musketeer series. Number three in the series focuses on sound. Aimed at the audio enthusiast it claims to provide high quality sound. Lend me an ear please?

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Well, after listening to music with this device for some weeks, I am certainly amazed.

This unit really gives a warm feeling to the sound, no matter what genre I play; it just has the right touch. It reminds me of my dad playing his LP's on his stereo, only the crackling needle sound isn't there. (luckily)

You get a nice bass, combined with no sharp voices. Just like the spread sheet said, a harmonic feeling indeed. This thing does exactly what it is supposed to do.

As great it is for music listening, less attractive it is for gaming purposes. I tried to play Formula 1 and Battlefield 2 with the Musketeer filtering the sound. I like the explosions from Battlefield 2 with a dark bass, but in Formula 1 the screaming sound of the engine going in high RPM really bothered me. It just wasn't natural anymore.

The only negative point is the headphone output on the front. Sometimes I wished it would have had a bigger volume signal. Good sound does have a price I guess.

I would have liked to share some audio samples from the Musketeer 3 in action, but after struggling several days to get the filtered sound on my computer, I gave up as the recorded samples did not sound filtered.

So, if you're an audiophile looking for great sound for your personal computer, think about getting this front panel. It's easy to install, gives your case a nice gimmick to look at and your sound quality is superb!

Big thanks goes out to Joost from Coolermaster for supplying the Musketeer 3!

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