Combo-hit Modular Power Supply Roundup

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by DUR0N @ 2005-07-28

And now we do the trick with the disappearing cables. *Poof* apparently, the PSU?s need to be shiny these days. You can hardly spot them in a case, but they need to be shiny!

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Introduction & Test Setup


In a market where products stay the same for many years, manufacturers need to stand out above the rest to get their product sold. They can try to sell the cheapest, the most respected, the most complete or the most 'cool' product. I still use some of the PSU's I've bought about 4 years ago, so when somebody tries to sell me a new PSU, they better have a good product prepared.

I don't want to be stuck with a bad product for the next couple of years. With the upcoming “modding trends” companies start making shiny variants of their high-end PSU's so that it's just a piece of hardware between all your lights. It's true, modding isn't really up-coming anymore, but it sure is commercially valuable. Where are the good old days “modders” were people who did everything themselves, and could work with various tools, the kids nowdays....Whoa got carried away there.

The origin of moddable PSU's lies in the fact that when you had a powerful PSU, you had lots and lots of connectors, which was the rule. The more connectors, the better the PSU was. But more connectors also means more airflow obstruction, and when you had a window in your case, it did look messy. So people started to solder off unnecessary wires and shorten the cables to their needs. This is the point where the marketing boys jumped on the wagon, and came up with a PSU which had no cables attached. Calling it a wireless PSU did sound a wee bit idiotic, since WLAN was already known by the masses, so everybody calls the moddable PSU's or mod-PSU's.

Today, we have three samples of mod-PSU's, and we're going MAD-frenzy on them. TECs, wattmeters and ATX-jump starters, we have it all!

Madshrimps (c)
Look at these three babies. Lets roast em!

«« Hiper Type-R »» «« Ultra X-Connect »» «« ACRyan RyanPower »»

We previously reviewed the ACRyan here; in this roundup we'll focus on the two newcomers.

Test Setup

Duron's A64 Test Setup
CPU A64 3000+ @ 2185Mhz
Mainboard MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
Cooling Stock Cooling
Memory 2*512Mb PC3200
Video ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
  • Maxtor 40Gb HDD
  • HP 2x CDRW

  • This is the setup I will be using to test the PSU's. Yeah I know, lousy overclock, but it's the RAM that's holding me back, it doesn't even do 203Mhz 3-3-3-7-1T. It comes pretty close to what can be called a 'standard' system. Most bang for the buck, but with a reasonable amount of $ spent. ->
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