PSU Roundup: Mega Power in xATX style!

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by JNav89GT @ 2005-02-07

Clean and steady power is what our computers crave, almost like we humans need clean and abundant air. Sure we can live in a polluted environment, but our health will suffer, and our tolerance to exercise will be lessened. To the point, when overclocking our precious PCs, a high quality power supply is paramount in maintaining and pushing performance. Today we are looking at some of the finest power supplies we have ever had the joy to work with.

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Zippy HP2-6460P 460W

Zippy HP2-6460P 460W
Supplied by: Zippy
Products details: Manufactures' website

During the fall Intel Channel Conference (ICC) near Chicago Illinois, I was able to meet and discuss power supply design, construction, and application with Edward Chang from Zippy. I must confess I had never heard of Zippy prior to this meeting, however I was instantly impressed with Edward's knowledge of his product line and the units they had on display. The Zippy units were somewhat unimposing to look at, as I've become accustomed to fans being strewn about designs and even LED lighting to sell power supply units. However, I have always been one to prefer function over form and once I picked up one of the display units I was very impressed as even their lower end units very heavy and solid. My favorite quick and dirty test of power supply quality is simply to pick up and unit and gauge its weight.

Now I know I am being fairly perfunctory in such judgment, but I must say that I have NEVER seen, held, used, or heard of a HIGH quality power supply that is light in weight. Part of what makes a power supply good results in added weight through the use of large capacitors, heatsinks, and other internals. Conversely, I repair a lot of PCs from co-workers and friends that have been built with cheap parts (including the power supply), and the failure rate is extremely high. Invariably such power supplies are light like a feather and I wonder how such units are even considered acceptable. What a price to pay in the end for saving what amounts to a little bit of money up front, as often such failed units take out a motherboard, CPU, video card etc..... Not to mention labor charges and the inconvenience of being without their computer.

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As seen above, the HP2-6460P weighs in at a stout 5.6lbs (2.54kg), and is a standard sized power supply with one rear fan and a chrome finish. The unit comes with the extended 24 pin ATX header, a 4 pin auxiliary power cord, and a 8 pin server auxiliary power cable (Xeon Server), 8 Molex connectors, 2 SATA power connectors, and 2 Floppy power connectors. While no PCI Express video card power cable is wired from the unit, there is an adapter available that connects to either your 8 pin server header that will then power a PCI Express video card. Please be aware prior to purchase if you should need such an adapter to either purchase it or talk to vendor to see if it will be included.

The HP2-6460 as well as the PSL-6701P listed on the next page boast active PFC and OVP and as stated by Zippy

"Our high-end power supply come with PFC circuitry to monitor and compensate load changes and improve power efficiency. Power supply with PFC usually can achieve 70% or higher efficiency.

Your smaller electrical bill will pay off the slight premium price difference sooner than you think. Cheap power supplies use Passive PFC that was designed for a fixed load condition which is NEVER the case of a real life scenario. Active PFC will adapt to load changes and optimize for best efficiency and lowest harmonic interference.

Some low end power supply may claims to have PFC, make sure it’s ACTIVE PFC. OPP/OVP/OCP/SCP (Over Power/Voltage/Current/Short-Circuit Protection) Our High-end, heavy duty power supplies were designed with thoughtful and robust protection mechanism that give you a peace of mind and long term worry free operation. Any wrong-doing within the specification will shut-down the power supply without burning power supply or motherboard"

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