Evercool WC-202 Water Cooling Kit Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by JNav89GT @ 2005-01-10

Ready to take an adventure into water cooling your computer system but don?t know much about the subject, don?t have a desire to mutilate your case, or crave a Dr. Frankenstein approach to piecing a kit together? Evercool may have just what you are looking for in their WC-202.

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The days of air cooled computers seem to be drawing to a close. In their present forms our CPUs generate a tremendous amount of heat, and this makes for an ever increasing problem as speeds increase and consequently add more heat to the equation. Smaller dye/manufacturing processes which used to provide cooler running operation, are now seeing limited benefit and in some cases the opposite effect with added heat (Read Prescott P4).

Long known to remove heat more efficiently, water cooling is fast becoming accepted as a viable alternative to air cooling, as there is the potential to increase cooling capability and decrease noise. However, not all enthusiasts are accepting of placing water, a solution that is known to react poorly with electrical components, inside of their PC case. While many have got past this mental nightmare by properly setting up their kits and performing proper leak testing, giving them some reassurance of relative safety. Even then, some people will state the process of properly picking out appropriate components, assembling, and then fitting this mess inside of a case is just too cumbersome.

Today we are looking at a product designed to ease the water cooling neophyte in their transition over to this cooling methodology. The Evercool WC-202 is a self-contained water-cooling setup that supposedly offers good cooling at very low noise. While not a high end solution by any means, this kit does offer the advantage of ease of use and setup over some higher end kits. Furthermore, the pricing is definitely below that of more performance solutions; available in the US for under $100. While this is more than even the highest end air coolers, the possible advantages may outweigh the added price. Let's see what this little kit has to offer.

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