SunbeamTech CCFL Fan Grill & Fan Combo Review

Modding/Small Mods by SidneyWong @ 2004-12-01

So you made a hole your case: a nice cut out in side panel and painted it all in florescent colors; a successful case mod requires one common product to "high-light" the creation, which is lighting. SunbeamTech offers a line of products that all case modders will need. The CCFL fan and fan grill.

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CCFL, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light

In the last few years CCFL has been gaining popularity in case mod. It reminds me of the flashing neon lights advertising signs hovering over every downtown street in most Asian Cities. With the high acceptance rate by the enthusiasts, CCFL kits could be found packaged in some Mid or Full Tower ATX cases. The way the light kits are “packaged” to deliver varies style, color brightness intensity and applications are changing according to demand patterns. The veteran manufacturer, SunbeamTech is introducing another form of lighting support to further enhance your modding appetite; Double CCFL Fan Grill in 80 and 120 mm sizes and Round Cathode Fan in 80mm.

Madshrimps (c)


  • Dual-Output Encased Inverter
  • Comes with a rear PCI Slot Bracket with on/off switch
  • High brightness
  • Long lifetime
  • Multiple colors optional(red,blue,green.UV)


    Cold Cathode Lamp Inverter
    Voltage: 650V ~10% (Input Voltage Range 11.2-12.2VDC)
    Current: 5.0mA ~ 0.5mA (Output Current 5-7.5mA)
    Lifetime: Min 15,000Hours
    Output frequency: 40Khz ~20%

    Remark: This product should be used together with 12cm fan for better heat dispersion.

  • Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)


  • Dual inverter for two lamps
  • High brightness
  • High reliability
  • Long lifetime
  • 100% suitable for fan clip of Antec/Chieftec/Thermaltake/Chenming case
  • Two CCFL fan grill can be placed side by side

    Specification:(Round CCFL)

    Diameter of double round cold cathode:¦µ7.3CM & ¦µ3.15CM
    Supply voltage:620V
    Current draw:0.007A


    Bearing Type:sleeve
    Fan Dimension:80*80*25mm
    Rated Voltage:10.2~13.8VDC
    Current Draw:0.13A
    Power consumption:1.56WATTS
    Air Flow:31.73CFM
    Rotation Speed:2700RPM
    Noise Level:28dB(A)

  • CCFL operates in A/C (Alternate Current) at high voltage. Therefore, an Inverter made for PC application is included in every kit. The input voltage is 11.2-12.2 Volt DC and delivers 650 Volts A/C. The Inverter from Sunbeam has a single power input socket and two output sockets powering up to two CCFL devices. Do Not Attempt to make any changes or add more than two devices.

    So, let’s not waste any more time and see what is in the package ……

    Madshrimps (c)
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