Alphacool NexXxos XP water block

Cooling/Water Cooling by KeithSuppe @ 2004-11-12

We?re rapidly approaching the point where these HSF (Heat Sink Fan) combinations are simply too large and heavy to mount on our motherboards. Given the benefits of H20, it?s only a matter of time until most CPU?s are water-cooled. We take a closer look at Alphacool?s NexXxos XP water block. Can it keep an overclocked Prescott running cool at 4Ghz? Read on to find out

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Madshrimps (c)

Alphacool, based in Germany is a fairly new company in the H20 cooling market, being just two years old. Its founders, however; have been involved in the business of water cooling for over 9-years working with other companies. Alphacool's headquarters and main production facilities are based in Braunschweig which is an ideal location for a manufacturer of PC water cooling hardware. Braunschweig is the largest city in Lower Saxony, home of Wilhelmina Technical College (oldest technical school in Germany) and is under consideration for "City of Science 2005." For such a young company, Alphacool's water blocks currently occupy several positions in the top ten at both CaseUmbau and Watercoolplanet, two highly respected European H20 sites. The NexXxos block displaced CoolCases CF1 micro-structure CPU-cooler for Socket-478 which I reviewed here and Cool-Cases CF1 Rev.2 here.

Prior to the NexXxos, Cool-Cases CF1/CF1-Rev.2 had occupied the number one positions for almost three months. After researching Alphacool's product line I simply had to contact them. I was pleased with their personable manner, and knowledge of water cooling. Although a very busy company the owner spoke with me on the phone at length. I was interested in their Xtreme Pro Set which includes the NexXxos XP block, Alphacool’s AP1500 pump (900l/h at 12VDC and 1500l/h at 24VDC), Black Ice Xtreme II Radiator, and their Cape Coolplex 25 which has to be one of most ergonomic reservoirs on the market. Today we'll be focusing on what most consider to be a very important part of any water cooling system, the CPU block.
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