Back to the basics - modding that dull grey Box with a twist

Modding/Case Mods by jmke @ 2004-10-05

See how an ugly dull box turns into one spectacular looking case, guest writer Antonio shows of his creation: sandblasted side panels, professional painting and near unbreakable windows are some of the excellent features of this "big black" casemod.

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Most of you have been there one point in time, looking at that grey box sitting beneath your desk, thinking of ways to make it look a tad more attractive. Now that we have big companies selling off pre-made flashy looking cases one's mind might start to drift and come up with one of those classical phrases like: "in my day" , "I still remember when", "where are the days that", etc. Well have no fear, as those days have surely not gone. There are still a lot of grey boxes out there which need to be saved from being just boring grey PC cases.

Today we have a guest article by one of our northern neighbours from the north (The Netherlands) He's 35 years old and goes by the name Antonio Nouwen, when he posted his case mod in our forums, showing the before and after pictures, many were impressed by the amount of work put into it and the fine craftsmanship of his creation.

Antonio converted an ordinary (ugly) case into a shining beauty (literally):

Intrigued by this fine case-mod we asked him a couple of questions about the modifications; on the next pages he will take you through the whole process, revealing vital information about certain aspects.

Hold on tight Cinderella, here we go ->
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