Back to the basics - modding that dull grey Box with a twist

Modding/Case Mods by jmke @ 2004-10-05

See how an ugly dull box turns into one spectacular looking case, guest writer Antonio shows of his creation: sandblasted side panels, professional painting and near unbreakable windows are some of the excellent features of this "big black" casemod.

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Left & Top Panel

I never did any case modding before so it's something completely new for me...but that didn't stop me :)

First of all things the VICTIM !!!

Q: That looks like a very run of the mill case, how much did you pay for it?

Well actually nothing, I found this case between lots of others which were destined to be thrown away my company... I work for a computer recycle company :-)

Ok so it's a normal semi big case...lets unveil what I did with it

I started by making a mould of the window cut out I wanted, using cardboard it was easy to change design when needed.

I choose to with two straight forward window, I drew the outline on the inside of my left side panel and then it's Dremel time!

Nice and straight, finished, NEXT!

A nice big hole in the top panel, which needs to be filled of course

An Acryl Panel of 1cm thickness should be strong enough.

Q: Where did you get the top Acryl Panel, it looks really sturdy.

After a lot of searching I found a company that makes nameplates. They usually got acryl-plates to make them in every colour you want, I needed a 1cm thick plate so ordered one right away. Some good advice: Order what you need because this little piece costs €56 euro! Not too cheap.

The thickness will also come in handy for the top 80mm blowhole

Top window with a nice LED fan is quite a looker! Left and top panel are done, that leaves us with the right side panel; Modded on the next page ->
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