Intimidator CPU-GPU-Chipset Water Blocks Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by piotke @ 2004-04-16

Now that water cooling systems are becoming more popular, you'll find a lot of retail solutions. Most of them are high priced and offer only average performance. Building the setup yourself is an option, but getting the blocks is the most difficult part I think. Good performance for a decent price...
This week I've been testing a new revision of a set of warter blocks from Frigus Engineerings. Blue powah!

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Intimidator Series

Madshrimps (c)

Not that long ago we reviewed a set of homemade water blocks. here, made out of full copper.

The problem with copper is, that after a while, its starts oxidizing due to contact with air. And the shiny polish disappears. Then you have to clean up the block again, but again, after a couple of weeks already the same problem returns.

So Cees, the man behind Frigus Engineering’s, and the man who's making all these blocks, came up with a great idea. Let us make the top from a different material! Smart. The problem is, it has been done already... Plexi tops for example, but unfortunately, these things can burst... Another option is making a copper block, and putting an anodized alloy/copper top on it. It is possible you have already seen such blocks, but they probably were expensive.

The blocks from Frigus distinguish themselves from others by price. Does this leave a negative impact on the finishing and quality of the blocks? Let us find out in this review.

The Intimidator series come in two flavors being silver and blue. I received the blue version for review.

The package contained:

  • Intimidator S-Uni V1.0 Blue + Hold down material
  • Intimidator GPU-RAD-GF2/3/mx v1.0 + Hold down material
  • Intimidator NB VIA/SiS/nForce² v1.0 + Hold down material
  • 689 isomo cubes (*)

    Madshrimps (c)

    Let’s look at the CPU block.

    (*) Amount can be different in your package :-)
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