Danger Den P4 RBX Power kit Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by jmke @ 2004-05-25

We install Danger Den?s high end water cooling kit, powered by the ever popular RBX water block and Danger Den?s own 12v pump, on our P4 test setup to see how it performs.

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The process of using water to cool down your PC has come a long way; many plug and play solutions have found their way onto the retail market. The first water cooling setups took up a whole desk, with a large radiator, goofy looking water blocks and large aquarium pumps. If you wanted to buy off-the-shelve water cooling gear there were not too many manufactures around who could help you, but those who you could turn to provided high quality material at a rather exclusive price.

When we saw the popularity grow, more people joined the water cooling madness and soon we had 1001 different companies providing us the all material one could ask for. Some even went one step further and combined easy installation with a competitive price, making water cooling easily accessible for the general public.

Danger Den has been around since the beginning providing the enthusiasts with high quality water cooling components. To stay with the times they are now offering beginners friendly all-in-one kits who offer best of both worlds, easy installation with high performance. Dan sent us the RBX-Power kit for testing, and we have evaluated it for the past month, checking both on performance, maintenance and installation. Does Danger Den still hold an advantage over all the retail kits? Let's find out

Madshrimps (c)

RBX Power kit

The RBX Power Kit is build around their top of the line water block, the other components in this kit will have a hard to live up to the high standards set by this good looking and performing water-block.

Danger Den send us their recommended RBX kit configuration:

  • RBX 478 – Lucite Top ½” Chrome Fittings
  • Black Ice Xtreme "Black"
  • 12v Laing Pump (DD12V-D4)
  • Typhoon Quad Reservoir
  • Evercool 120mm Fan
  • 4oz Zerex Water Coolant
  • 7 Feet 1/2" Clearflex Tubing
  • Arctic Silver Ceramique or Arctic Silver 5
  • 12 1/2" Hose Clamps

    But they allow you a free choice of all components so you can mix and match to make the kit exactly what you need.

    We installed the system and penned down our experiences during a 3 week period, before we come to the performance part, a look at the individual components -->
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