Rheobus comparison: Evercool,Coolermaster, SunBeam

Modding/Small Mods by evangeliz @ 2004-02-15

If you are looking for ways to silence your PC, then read on to find out which one of these fan controllers is up to the job! We turn the knobs on the Evercool SCP-A, Coolermaster Aerogate II and a SunBeamTech Rheobus.

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Introduction & Evercool

First of all I want to thank Evercool and Hofline for giving us the opportunity to review these 3 nice looking rheobusses.

  • Evercool SCP-A Fan Controller
  • SunBeamtech Rheobus Kit
  • Coolermaster Aerogate II

    Madshrimps (c)

    A quick glance at the photo above tells us that the Coolermaster has the edge in the “looks” department. But is also seems rather complicated while the other 2 are only 3/4 knobs to turn around. Let’s see how they compare to each other.

    Evercool SCP-A

    Let’s start with the Evercool SCP-A

    The package contains:
  • A bag of screws
  • 6 wires to attach the fans
  • The fan controller itself :)

    Madshrimps (c)

    Evercool closed down the back of the controller and only left 6 small holes for the fan connectors. Indeed they do not use a molex to power up the fans, but they use the inlet of the fan to power up the SCP-A. Those 6 small holes are 3 inlets and 3 outlets, which mean you can manage 3 fans at the same time.

    Madshrimps (c)

    This also means that if you only have 2 fans the third knob will not be illuminated or you would have to give it juice anyway without adding a fan.

    One very good feature that I liked a lot is that when the fan stops turning the fan controller starts beeping. This has the advantage that you can use it for controlling the speed of the CPU fan. This also has a downside as it will beep for a second each and every time you start your computer since the fans are not running. It’s rather irritating. Also if you have a Delta or equally powerful fan and you put it on the lowest setting the fan will not start, but if you put it first on full speed and then slow it down it will continue spinning without problem.

    The look of the controller is quiet good with only one remark; the knobs are made of plastic. This gives the fan controller a very cheap look.
    When you put the fan at lowest setting a nice blue glow is showing around the knob, when you put it on maximum setting it goes to purple, on most of the pictures it looks pink but it actually is purple. When it gives an error it will light up red.

    Madshrimps (c)


    Beeping noise when fan stops spinning (only when it completely stops)
    Very clean look with the PCB that is hidden.
    PCB hidden

    Contra Points Beeping noise every time you start your pc.
    Contra Points Very cheap looking plastic knobs.
    Contra Points Strange color choice (blue)
    Contra Points No molex to feed the Rheobus
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