Chaintech 9PJL2 Silver Review - Intel I865 Reviewed

Motherboards/Intel S478 by jmke @ 2004-02-01

Chaintech sends us their latest Springdale motherboard for review. We put it up against an Abit IS7 and Chaintech's own Canterwood solution, how well can it hold up? Find out in this review!

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In the box

This is the second P4 motherboard we are reviewing this month from Chaintech, last week we took a look at their Canterwood (I875) motherboard solution and this week we pit it up against their own Springdale (I865) powered main board.

The Springdale motherboard is basically a Canterwood without the "PAT" (Performance Acceleration Technology) onboard. To find out what differentiates the I865 from the I875 I suggest this fine article by Liquid3D @ XS

to understand what the 865PE is, we first have to understand what it is not, and it is not an autonomous design. It doesn't have its own identity, in that it was never designed from the "wafer" up to be an 865PE. It's not even a "version" of the i875P by design, it's a failed i875P.

Don't expect Prescott support on these Springdale motherboards though, only some Canterwood motherboards out there will be able to support the Prescott CPU when flashed with the latest BIOS.


According to the feature list of this mainboard at this website:
~ Intel 865PE+ICH5
~ Dual Channel DDR400 x4
~ Integrated 6-CH Audio & RTL8101L LAN
~ S-ATA150 + ATA100, AGP8X, 5xPCI
~ ATX, 800FSB, USB V2.0 x8
~ Support Hyper-Threading Technology
~ Prescott Ready

it seems with the latest BIOS this motherboard will be able to run a Prescott CPU, but beware of mainboards which are not supposed to support the Prescott to begin with.

On with the show! The 9PJL2 Silver larger then average box and includes the following goodies:

Madshrimps (c)

  • 2 black- ATA & 1 black floppy-cable
  • Sata & Sata power pass-through cable
  • External 5.1-Channel AC'97 Codec powered CMC card
  • Manual and software/driver CDs

    Madshrimps (c)

    Specifications :

    2 ATA and 2 SATA connectors give you the possibility of connecting up to 6 storage devices to this motherboard, it also includes a separate CMR (Chaintech Multimedia Riser) Card which gives you the full possibility of connecting a 5.1 surround box set!

    Madshrimps (c)

    Unfortunately we don't have an integrated IEEE1394/Firewire chipset on this board, something the 9PJL2 big brother, the 9CJS ZENITH, does have!

    Here are the official specs:

    Form Factor
    • ATX (305mm x 244mm)
    • Supports Intel Socket 478 CPU with Hyper-Threading Technology
    • Supports Intel Pentium4/Celeron system bus at 400/533/800MHz
    • Intel 865PE + ICH5, supports Hyper-Threading Technology
    Main Memory
    • Four 184-pin DDR DIMMs up to 4GB
    • Supports Dual-Channel DDR266/333/400 memory
    Expansion Slots
    • One 1.5V AGP slot for 4X/8X AGP
    • Five 32-Bit PCI slots (v2.2 compliant)
    • One CMR (Chaintech Multimedia Riser) for
      Chaintech Multimedia Card (CMC 5.1)
    Audio Subsystem
    • With external high quality 5.1-Channel AC'97 Codec
    • Complete software driver support for Windows OS
    • Supports S/PDIF out
    Video Subsystem
    • Video 4X/8X AGP
    • Build-in ICH5 supports 2 UltraDMA-33/66/100 IDE ports
    Embedded USB Controller
    • Build-in ICH5 supports total 8 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
    • Supports USB 2.0 High-Speed Device @480 Mb/s
      Transfer Rates
    On Board Super I/O Controller
    • ITE 8712 LPC Super I/O with system monitoring hardware
    • 2 temperatures sensing for CPU and system
    • 3 Fan speed monitoring (CPU, System and Northbridge)
    • One FDD connector supports up to 2.88MB
    Boot-Block Flash ROM
    • Award system BIOS supports PnP, APM, DMI, ACPI, & Multi-device booting features
    Other Feature Back panel I/O connector
    • One PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard port
    • Four USB ports and one RJ45 connector
    • Two 9-pin D-Sub male Serial ports
    • One 25-pin D-Sub female Parallel port
    • Audio I/O jacks (Line-in, Line-out and Mic-in)

    On-board LAN controller

    • On-board LAN chip RTL8100C supports 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet

    On-board SATA Controller

    • Build-in ICH5 supports 2 Serial ATA devices for the highest data transfer rates (1.5Gbps burst)
    Internal I/O connectors
    • Four 3x1 pin fan connectors
    • Two 5x2 pin USB connectors for additional 4 USB ports
    • 3x1 pin wake on LAN connector with housing
    • 3x1 pin wake on Modem connector with housing
    • Two 4x1 pin CD-in connectors with housing on CMC5.1
    • 4x1 pin Aux-in connector with housing on CMC5.1
    • 9x2 pin front panel connector
    • 5x2 pin front side audio connector
    • 20 pin ATX Power connector
    • 4 pin ATX 12V Power connector

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