asetek WaterChill Cooling KIT - KT03-L20

Cooling/Water Cooling by jmke @ 2003-11-11

Asetek, known for their VapoChill product line-up, is diving into the water cooling bussines with their WaterChill all-in-one good-to-go kit. We take it for a spin on a Pentium 4 and AMD setup and see how it performs.

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Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you the experiences we had with a high quality water cooling kit from asetek. The Kit asetek send was the KT03-L20, it consists of all the necessary equipment to cool down your CPU.

Other kits are available that also include water cooling blocks for cooling down the motherboard Northbridge chipset and your videocard's GPU. For a complete list all the different kits available click here.

Madshrimps (c)

The KT03-L20 kit contains the following:
  • WaterChill CPU Cooler block supporting Intel P4 S478, AMD Socket A, AMD S754/S940 (AMD 64)
  • Black Ice Pro Radiator with push on fittings
  • 120 mm Low Noise Sunon Fan
  • 700 l/hr Hydor Pump with push on fittings
  • WaterChill Control Unit with SafeStartTM, NoiseControlTM and LED connection

  • WaterChill Plexiglas Reservoir
  • WaterChill Tube Set (2,5 mtr.)
  • ALL fittings and mounting accessories are included
  • Anti Algae Fluid - 25 ml bottle
  • Heat Conduction Compound - 2 ml tube
  • Installation Manual

    The material is packaged in a shock resistant box and although it had travelled quite some distance everything was still intact and in mint condition!

    Madshrimps (c)

    The manual included is very clear and explains how to install the whole unit. Included is a bottle with Anti Algae fluid, you just mix this bottle with 1L of distilled water and you'll end up with blue-coloured water, ready to be used!

    Every component is of high quality and is build to last, more on that on the next page ->
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