CoolerMaster Jet 7 Heatsink

Cooling/CPU Cooling by richbastard @ 2003-09-17

With the newly released Jet 7 CoolerMaster further explores the world of radial fan heatsinks. Their latest, the Aero 7, was a success. The Jet 7 has a bigger fan, but a cheaper heatsink. Does it manage to keep up the good name of it?s older brother? 

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Up close

Up close:

Madshrimps (c)

CoolerMaster continues it's tradition to include an adjustable potmetre, with a nice alumium 3.5" bay front and PCI slot cover. Made to fit any alumium case (preferably CoolerMaster I suppose ; ) ), and allowing you to adjust the speed/noise of your CPU cooler without the hassle of opening your case.

Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c)

The blower ontop is one impressive radial fan. Shaped like a JET engine, it has a blinking white led up front and a red one at the back. The jet engine design is purely aesthetical, the 'exhaust' does not blow hot air, both sides suck cold air and blow it onto the heatsink.

Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c)

The heatsink has a copper base with aluminium fins glued ontop close next to each other (stacked fin). This is a relativly cheap, yet efficient design to optimize the dissapation area. The process where copper fins are sliced from the copper base (skived fin, eg. Aero 7) is more expensive, but conducts heat better.

The heatsink is fairly easy to install, but the huge radial fan ontop might get in your way. The heatsink is relativly heavy (490grams), so you better install it with care.
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