CoolerMaster Jet 7 Heatsink

Cooling/CPU Cooling by richbastard @ 2003-09-17

With the newly released Jet 7 CoolerMaster further explores the world of radial fan heatsinks. Their latest, the Aero 7, was a success. The Jet 7 has a bigger fan, but a cheaper heatsink. Does it manage to keep up the good name of it?s older brother? 

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Heat & Noise measuring


I used my NForce2 rig to test this cooler. I must admit, a motherboard with a socket probe usually returns a far lower measurement than a calibrated internal diode probe, but no such motherboard is available at the moment.

The Athlon core and cooler was cleaned each time with pure alcohol, before applying a thin layer of AS3. If ambient temperature (22 degrees celcius) varied more than 1 degree, the test was redone. All tests with the Jet 7 have been done at least twice.

Test system
CPU XP1800+ Tbred B
Thermal heat 68W
Motherboard Epox 8rda+
Probe socket
Software CPUBurn
Thermal Grease Thin layer AS3


I haven't got the professional tools to measure noise production, nor would I like to use it if I would have them. Numbers can be understood incorrectly, measurements can be taken 10 different ways, but advise is clear and simple. That's why I trust my hearing and rank each heatsink according to this table. A bit too subjective for you? Fine, just skip it then. ; )

Noise Measuring
0 passive
1 inaudible in open air
2 inaudible in case
3 audible if you pay attention
4 well audible, far from annoying
5 well audible, but not annoying
6 too loud for working (intolerant to noise)
7 too loud for working (tolerant to noise)
8 too loud for gaming
9 too loud for LAN party's
10 headache within minutes
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