Crucial P3 2TB PCIe M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2022-10-18

The P3 2TB SSD from Crucial does perform as advertised and presents itself with good performance figures for an entry-level PCIe 3.0 drive. We are getting here a cost-effective solution with a DRAMless design, the drive using pseudo-SLC inside the packages for caching and we can write on it for quite a bit until the cache runs out but at the same time the temperatures of the flash and controller will raise significantly.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

After checking out the P1, P2 and P5 series, it is now time to take a closer look at the P3 series of SSD drives from Crucial. The P3 drive is marketed as an entry-level to mainstream PCIe 3.0 SSD, with capacities starting from 500GB and up to a whopping 4TB and an affordable pricing scheme.


Our 2TB sample has been shipped inside a standard Crucial packaging model, which means that we are dealing with a cardboard enclosure on the outside and a transparent plastic layer on the inside. The top layer also comes with a sealing sticker that incorporates the rated read speeds of the 2TB SKU:




On the back side, we will note the fact that the SSD is backed up with a data transfer software (Acronis), a written instruction guide, but the product also allows firmware updates. The product is also backed up by a limited 5-year warranty given that we do not break the mentioned TBW rating:




As mentioned before, inside the box we will find a transparent protective plastic mold:




Here we will get the guide, the main product but also a fixing screw:




The guide redirects the user to online resources:




Crucial is the only manufacturer we have seen which offers M.2 SSD mounting screws in the box:




The P3 SSD comes with the frontal area of the PCB completely covered by a sticker, carrying the Crucial logo, but also the product logo:




On the back side we will note a lack of extra components, but only two stickers which include the product code name, its serial number, but also its power rating:




After removing the frontal sticker, we did note four NAND ICs, a central controller, and no DRAM cache:




The packages have the 2LC2D NY161 inscription on each of them and these are Micron 3D QLC NAND (176-layer N48R FortisFlash) with 512GB capacity:




For the controller, we do have a Phison PS5021-E21T, which incorporates an ARM 32-bit Cortex-R5 architecture with a single CPU. For caching purposes, it does use HMB (Host Memory Buffer):




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