ANACOMDA i4-X 4TB PCIe Gen4 2280 M.2 SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2024-01-01

ANACOMDA is making a nice proposal with the Phison PS5018 E18 controller, paired with 1GB DDR4 2666MHz DRAM for caching, while the NAND is Toshiba 112L BiCS5 TLC (four packages). The performance matches mainstream to high-end drives, while providing optimal performance after writing about 1TB of data (a part of the pseudoSLC will empty itself when the drive is in IDLE, so the write speed will be able to recover).

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At first we would like to thank ANACOMDA for sending us a sample of their i4-X 4TB PCIe Gen4 2280 M.2 SSD for testing and reviewing.





“ANACOMDA is a new brand from MINPO Corporation. MINPO is a global leader in SSD technology, and specializes in developing and producing high performance SSDs and USBs. Our products are designed to meet customer’s needs in both price and function. Our entry-level products are priced reasonably, but offer high quality and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Controlling the cost of computer facilities and purchasing technological equipment are important matters for SMEs, start-ups, and organizations, but it should not prevent them from adopting SSDs. The MINPO ANACOMDA SSD series with its reliable quality, ample storage, and faster operating speed, is the best option for corporations that possess considerable data.

The MINPO ANACOMDA SSD series is also suitable for individuals who are new to SSD technology, beginner and intermediate-level DIY enthusiasts who want to try their hand at assembling SSD, as well as online gamers. MINPO understand very well DIYers’ need for more efficient storage, and that for most customers, the cost-performance ratio is the most important factor when considering an electronic purchase. Our ANACOMDA series aims to offer higher quality SSDs for the same price. The concept behind ANACOMDA is high quality at accessible prices, without compromising performance and durability.

Besides reasonable pricing and reliable quality, ANACOMDA offers additional values to customers such as pleasurable enjoyment, brand value, and high quality services. We believe that a brand should not simply sell products, it should also be an expression of taste, and offer a glimpse into one’s lifestyle.”


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