Patriot Memory Viper Steel Series DDR4 32GB 3200MHz Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2020-11-10

The 32GB Viper Steel kit with its two memory modules does sport a modern design, without RGB lighting as we have seen with other models. These are made to be compatible with most AMD and Intel systems and should match the color scheme of a lot of gaming machines. While we could not squeeze any extra performance from the kit via overclocking by using safe voltages (up to 1.4V), this also means that the ICs are really accurately hand picked in the factory so they will only function error-free at the exact specifications mentioned by Patriot Memory.

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At first we would like to thank Patriot Memory for offering a sample of their Viper Steel Series DDR4 32GB 3200MHz Memory Kit for testing and reviewing.



About Viper Gaming:


“Viper Gaming is a brand of Patriot Memory, a global leader in performance memory, Solid State Drives (SSD's), and flash storage solutions. Viper Gaming was established in 2007 with the unveiling of the well-known, top-tier line of computer memory. Since then,

the Viper Gaming brand has become synonymous with elite

performance and reliability among gamers worldwide.


In 2015, Viper Gaming decided to expand its product categories

to include gaming keyboards, headsets, and mice. Offering entry, mid-level and high-end solutions with rich feature sets. Viper Gaming's award-winning peripherals provide gamers everywhere the best price-for-performance and reliability that enables every Viper Gamer to dominate in their sport.”


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