Deepcool Captain 240 EX RGB Liquid Cooler Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by stefan @ 2017-06-27

The Captain 240 EX RGB Liquid Cooler is built on the base of the already successful iteration and now brings RGB LED lighting for everyone to enjoy. Deepcool has prepared the product with extra accessories, so even older systems with motherboards that do not feature RGB headers can benefit from the RGB light show: to be more exact, we are discussing about an in-line remote with three buttons that gets power from a spare SATA PSU port.

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At first we would like to thank Deepcool for offering us a sample of their Captain 240 EX RGB Liquid Cooler for testing and reviewing.




About Deepcool:


“Deepcool was founded with the mission of providing the best performance and humanized thermal solutions for worldwide customers. Established in 1996, headquartered in Beijing, factory was established in Shen Zhen, Deepcool originally produced desktop, server coolers and cooling accessories. With the rapid development of personal computers, Deepcool expanded the business into AIO liquid cooling products, chassis, power supplies..


Deepcool has built up its distribution network in about seventy countries all over the globe, by which end-users can purchase Deepcool products online or in their nearest local stores. With more and more media exposure and publication, such as awards from renowned websites and magazines like Tom’s Hardware, Techpowerup, TweakTown, HEXUS, 3Dnews, Guru3d, CHIP, etc., Deepcool now enjoys a good reputation among computer daily users, gamers, overclockers and modders.


We will always spare no effort to maintain customer satisfaction by serving our customer’s ever-changing thermal needs and providing the quickest and most comprehensive service available. As our slogan goes, we wish you all “Enjoy your cool life!” Why Named Deepcool Ever since the stunning victory of Deep Blue, a program running on an IBM supercomputer, over Gary Kasparov, then world chess champion, in 1997, it has been clear that computers would be the most powerful tool of human being. At that time, we started our computer cooling business. We hoped our products could be as great as Deep Blue. With that in mind came the name Deepcool.”


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