Silicon Power S57 240GB TLC SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2017-02-05

Silicon Power is continuing the line of affordable SSDs by releasing the S57 model that is available in both 120GB and 240GB variants; the product is aimed towards mainstream computers, which still pack slow 5400RPM hard drives as boot drives in order to boost the read speeds and access times considerably.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Next up in the lab have the chance to try out another budget-friendly SSD from Silicon Power, which packs TLC NAND flash but also a Marvell controller. As we have seen with the previous SSD models from the same company, the products do arrive in a very simple packaging, displaying in the front the rated read/write speeds, total capacity, the free downloadable software and more:




On the back side of the enclosure we will find out that Silicon Power is comparing the current SSD model with 5400RPM drive performances and highly recommends it for upgrades:




Another different aspect versus the previously tested drives is the fact that S57 comes with a chassis completely made of plastic. On the top cover, we will get to see a large sticker that holds the product logo, along with the total capacity and serial number:




On the bottom area of the drive, we will spot a removable black plastic cover:




Also here we will get to see the gold-plated SATA Data/Power connectors:




After removing the bottom cover, we will be able to spot the drive PCB, which occupies very little space inside the chassis:




The visible part of the PCB is populated with two SK Hynix TLC NAND Flash ICs, but also one Marvell controller:




To be more exact, the ICs carry the H27Q1T8QEM6R code name:




The Marvell 88NV1120 component is marketed as a value SSD controller and is the company’s first NVM Express DRAMless SSD controller, supporting both X1-lane PCIe 3.0 or 6Gb/s SATA interfaces:




We did not risk it to fully remove the SSD from its chassis, because Silicon Power has not used screws for securing the PCB, but glue:




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