Mafia III Game Review

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Mafia III is a very ambitious project from Hangar 13 and has required quite a bit of work to make it happen and the open-world environment is great! There are of course bugs which you will encounter if you mainly wander off and navigate through the rich environment, meaning that the game was mainly thought for you to follow the story line and not concentrate on other activities. In most of the situations, the game details are great, the story is being told in a unique way like a documentary and we also did like the fact that you can have other allies in order to take down the Italian mob which has betrayed the main character. The driving experience is available in both Arcade and Simulation modes, while the shooting scenes are pretty brutal, well done, while sneaking behind the enemies is another route we can take for completing the objective.

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Game Presentation Part I

In this article we will take a look at one of the latest game titles for PC (but also available on consoles), Mafia III. As fans of the Mafia series and L.A. Noire, we were more than happy to try out this new game, right from the moment it was announced. While the previous iteration was developed by 2K Czech and published by 2K Games, the new game is developed by Hangar 13 (a debut title for them) and published by the same 2K Games.


Mafia II was set in 1940s – early 1050s era of Empire Bay (a fictional city based on New York City, LA, Boston, Detroit and Chicago) and the player is taking control of Vito Scalleta, a war veteran which becomes involved with the Mafia when trying to pay back the debts of his father. Mafia III is played in the same third-person perspective, but this time the game is set later in 1968 and to be more precise the city of New Bordeaux (a fictional recreation of New Orleans); this time we are taking control of Lincoln Clay which is an orphan and Vietnam War veteran who is on the run to build a crime organization in order to confront the Italian mob; he was an orphan adopted by the local black mobsters which later did serve in the Vietnam War. He later returns to New Bordeaux and reunites with his friends (from the black mob), led by his stepfather named Sammy Robinson which had serious debts with Sal Marcano of the Marcano crime family; Lincoln has a meeting with Sal, which proposes that Sammy should not lead anymore the black mob and that Lincoln must take his place; Lincoln did refuse but still wanted to pay back the debt.

In order to get the money, he put a plan in motion by cooperating with Sal’s son Georgi for robbing the Louisiana Federal Reserve; the heist went fine, they got the money, but Sal does betray the black mob and Sammy and all Lincoln’s friends are killed by his team. Lincoln was shot in the head and left for dead, but Father James, one of his close friends rescues him right after the killing took place and the local was set on fire. During his recovery, Lincoln did ask for assistance of CIA agent John Donovan, who was his handler during the Vietnam war. Donovan does agree on helping him for spying on the Marcano family while Lincoln promises to destroy the Marcanos and take control of New Bordeaux.


Besides the main game, we can also purchase the Mafia III Season Pass which does grant you access to three major expansions over the course of a year, each which introduce unique new criminal story lines, characters and gameplay features to the world of New Bordeaux, along with exclusive expansion-themed vehicles, weapons and more. The Family Kick-Back DLC is providing the owner with three lieutenant-themed bonus vehicles and weapons:




Mafia III was a pretty consistent download right upon release:




After clicking on the game executable, the game will not launch right away, but display first a launcher, which assist us on choosing the preferred graphical details:





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