Mafia III Game Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2016-10-10

Mafia III is a very ambitious project from Hangar 13 and has required quite a bit of work to make it happen and the open-world environment is great! There are of course bugs which you will encounter if you mainly wander off and navigate through the rich environment, meaning that the game was mainly thought for you to follow the story line and not concentrate on other activities. In most of the situations, the game details are great, the story is being told in a unique way like a documentary and we also did like the fact that you can have other allies in order to take down the Italian mob which has betrayed the main character. The driving experience is available in both Arcade and Simulation modes, while the shooting scenes are pretty brutal, well done, while sneaking behind the enemies is another route we can take for completing the objective.

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Game Presentation Part II

After the initial game launch, we will be prompted to adjust the screen edges:



The screen brightness adjustment is next:



We can then set the game language, text language, but also enable subtitles if necessary:



The Mafia III splash screen is next:



Before beginning the campaign, we can select the difficulty and aim assist level:



Some words from the development studio are displayed right afterwards:



The game is filled with retro-style cinematics which do want to get the player into that specific atmosphere right from the start:



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