Creative Aurvana ANC Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2016-09-22

Right after installing the battery inside the Aurvana ANC, we wanted to check out the noise cancelling feature, so without having it connected to any audio source, we put the headset on; with the feature turned off, we could hear a low level of background noise coming in both ears but with the noise cancelling on, that noise was completely gone, which is quite impressive.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

With the Aurvana ANC, Creative is promoting a new product which does feature the active noise cancellation feature which helps with filtering outside noise so we could enjoy the content which is being played back without distractions. This is being realized by a system composed of dual microphones which are powered by a single AAA battery and can assist with the noise cancellation effect for about 40 hours of playback.


The product is shipped inside a pretty compact cardboard enclosure, with a photo of the headset on top, along with its highlights like Noise Cancellation, the 40h battery life or the fact that it is shipped along with a hard travel case:




On the right side, the box does feature some additional product features listed:




The left side also shows one more important feature, and the fact that we are dealing with a slim profile, for easy storage and travel:




Each of the product highlights is explained in more detail on the back side of the box and here we do also get to see a drawing of the hard case, along with the headset. Creative does also list here the technical specifications:




After unsealing the box and removing the top cover, we will get to see the actual hard case, which does have the product logo right in the middle:




Here we will also spot the documentation, composed of a guide, but also a World Wide Warranty leaflet:




The guide instructs us on how to install the battery, operate the headset but also how to activate the active noise cancellation feature:




Besides the zipper which keeps the hard case closed, we can also attach a buckle to it:




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