Creative Aurvana ANC Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2016-09-22

Right after installing the battery inside the Aurvana ANC, we wanted to check out the noise cancelling feature, so without having it connected to any audio source, we put the headset on; with the feature turned off, we could hear a low level of background noise coming in both ears but with the noise cancelling on, that noise was completely gone, which is quite impressive.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Shut the World Out of Your Music


Whether you’re travelling or working hard in the office, it gets more enjoyable when nothing comes between you and your music. Aurvana ANC headphones are engineered for better sound and comfort you can take, anywhere you go. Put them on and suddenly every detail becomes clearer, as the chatter and laughter fade away.


Designed for Better Comfort


Aurvana ANC headphones stay comfortable, no matter how long your journey is. They are lightweight and comfy, with earcups that adapt to your perfect fit. The headband mirrors the contours of your head. Soft leatherette ear cushions give your ears a comfortable seal, you might forget you’re wearing the headphones.


Less Noise for Quiet Enjoyment


Aurvana ANC headphones boast the capability to deliver up to 87% active noise cancellation. Enjoy your music with minimal, or no distraction, when you turn on the active noise cancellation (ANC) switch. Featuring Dual Mic Active Noise Cancelling Technology, it picks up external noises and actively cancels them out for your quiet enjoyment.


Convenience at Your Fingertips


The inline mic with remote puts you in control of your music playback and phone calls – all within your fingertips. You can also switch between calls and music without reaching for your mobile phones. Optimized for a wide range of smartphones and tablets, you can switch seamlessly between different gadgets.


Fold up and Go


Aurvana ANC headphones feature a compact design that fits in the compact travel pouch that’s easy to carry. Fold the earcups flat like a pair of glasses and get ready for your next adventure.


Uncompromised Sound Quality


Feel the bass pulsate to the beat of the music. The Aurvana ANC’s 40mm neodymium drivers are tuned for high performance audio so compelling that you’ll listen for hours.


Long Battery Life


To equip you for any long journey ahead, the AAA alkaline battery inside the headphones gives you up to 40 hours of continuous playback with ANC turned on. Even if your AAA battery runs out, your music remains just as great.


Change Your Battery Anytime


It’s easy to replace the battery in the Aurvana ANC headphones. The battery compartment is placed at the right earcup. Slide the right earcup open and you can replace the old battery with a fresh one. Then, slide the right earcup back shut, until it clicks.




Product Specifications:




Wearing Style - Over-the-Ear

Weight - 174g (6.14oz)

Adjustable Headband - Yes

Foldable Design - Yes

Color – Blue, Chrome

Included Accessories - 1 AAA alkaline battery, 1 Airplane Travel Adaptor, 1 Detachable Audio Cable with Inline Microphone, 1 Hard-covered Travel Case




Product Type - Wired Headphones

Inline Volume - Yes

Inline Microphone - Yes

Active Noise Cancellation – Yes, Up to 18dB (87%) with dual microphones

Noise Isolation - Yes

Drivers: 40mm (1.57 inches) Neodymium magnet

Frequency Response - 20Hz ~ 20kHz

Impedance - 290 Ohm - Measured in Active Noise Cancellation mode

Sensitivity - 100dB/mW

Connector Type - 3.5mm (0.13 inches) Connector

Cable Length - 1.5m / 4.9ft

Cable Style - 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable


Battery Specifications


Type of Battery - AAA alkaline battery

Battery Life - 40 Hours


Microphone Specifications (*Headsets only)


Frequency Response - 100Hz ~ 10kHz

Sensitivity - - 38dBV/Pa

Detachable - Yes


Recommended Usage: -Music/Movies - Yes ; Gaming - Yes ; Chat - Yes


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