IN WIN 805 Mid-tower Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2015-11-17

In Win is one of those manufacturers which really dare to innovate within their growing lineup of computer cases. Last year they stole the show with their highly acclaimed S-Frame, an open air chassis made from a single sheet of aluminium. Of course these high tech cases come at a cost! This year at Computex they surprised friend and foe again with the H-frame case; compare it with a transformer case, that can open and close allowing to access the innards. It is quite expensive but nevertheless a stunning concept case that will be produced in limited numbers. Today however we are taking a look at one of their more affordable nevertheless breathtaking case solution, the IN WIN 805 Mid-tower case.

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The IN WIN 805 is a see-through skeleton case structure; maybe easiest comparable look wise with them flashy full acrylic cases from a decade back. A see-through case is a challenge for any case modder as the cable management has to be top notch, this of course because every flaw will be visible. Instead of using acrylic panels on an aluminum body IN WIN went flat out by including three tempered 3mm glass plates. Words nor pictures can exactly describe how great this mid tower chassis looks. This IN WIN 805 is available in three different front bezel colors: standard black, red and gold. The versions that include the USB 3.1 (type-C) in the front bezel also feature an illuminated IN WIN logo. The standard USB3.0 version has got this LED logo function trimmed.


Even though the IN WIN cases sport high end materials and superb craftsmanship, their box art seems pretty basic. Nevertheless the packaging made sure the tempered glass plates were still in mint condition after the road trip to the Madshrimps lab.



I don't think the see through case needs any further explanation, the black anodized aluminum frame is clearly visible from all angles via the tempered glass plates. IN WIN assured us the used coating allows the glass to withstand some abuse, though I'm honest I was not in any reviewer mood to verify this specific claim; I would handle the glass panel with care. Good that IN WIN used an aluminum frame to reduce the total weight as these 3mm glass panels weigh a ton.



Being able to see the backside of the motherboard panel also tells the tale that if you really want your build to shine, the cable management will require some extra attention. After removing one of the tempered glass panels we can have a better look at the In Win 805 innards. At first glance the storage with just two HDD bays looks sparse, though there's some hidden storage there.



The specs list is nothing out of the extra ordinary, though reveals the possibility to install up to four 2.5" storage devices besides the two 2.5" / 3.5" drives in the hard cage. Sadly no possibility to install an optical drive without seriously modding the case.


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