HIS R9 290X iPower IceQ X2 Turbo 4GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2014-10-09

The HIS R9 290X iPower IceQ X2 Turbo card features a proven 2-fan cooling system and is overclocked from the factory; the custom PCB ensures stability, better overclocking potential and the card should run fine games up to 2560x1440 with medium to high detail levels.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


iPower for More Voltage, More Overclocking


iPower design allows the card to carry more voltage, expanding overclocking capability to a new level!


Turbo: HIS OC Graphics Card


Turbo cards are faster than regular cards! The card is bios-overclocked out of the box with 1040MHz / 5400 MHz core clock and memory clock respectively, offering the performance edge for gamers!


IceQ X² – Cooler, Quieter



With IceQ X², the card is cooler than the reference cooler.



IceQ X² is one of the quietest coolers, making the card quieter than the reference cooler. The card is below 28dB when watching movies, surfing Facebook or working. The card remains quiet whether you are gaming, online socializing, entertaining or working.


Fan Design


The super large 2x 89mm dual axial fans draws massive amount of cool air to cool the GPU directly.

The Q&C fan blade increases air velocity make cooling more efficiently while keeping noise level at minimum.

The fan is extremely durable with a life span of up to 50,000 hours.

The 2x 8mm and 3x 6mm wide heatpipes optimize cooling performance by removing heat from the core area.

The extra-large 40x47.5mm copper heatsink provides a large area to dissipate heat efficiently.

The new black handle makes you easy to carry the card.

The card also carries memory and MOSFET heat sinks to provide extra heat dissipation from these areas.

The card also features fan control and monitoring, you are able to read fan speed & ASIC temperature from iTurbo or other software.


Backplate Design


The backplate designs to reinforce PCB, keeps PCB more long lasting and not easy deforming.


Long Lasting Design: Safer, Last Longer!




The card has two BIOSes, ensuring that the card runs properly; you can always switch to the second BIOS if the card does not run properly with the first BIOS


If you are not aiming at gaming, Silent BIOS is perfect for you. The card runs quieter than the Standard BIOS with about 5dB!


Enhanced Stability in critical gaming situations!


HIS cards are engineered with the highest standards of safety, preventing them any potential damages. Solid-state chokes stabilize the card and Full Solid State Choke capacitors ensure the best power quality and enhance the cards’ stability in critical gaming situations.


OC Equipment


The card is equipped with improved power design which is great for OC! HIS cards utilize Dynamic Phase Control PWM IC to save power for better use. Along with improved power design, digital power design, 2 ounces copper layer, HIS cards make the best out of power, carrying better OC capability and pushing clock speeds to the full potential.


iTurbo – Your graphics card assistant


iTurbo is your graphics card assistant to control center, for adjusting fan speeds or overclocking parameters.



Product Specifications:



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