ADATA Lighting Tulip LED Lamp Presentation

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The “Tulip” LED lamp from ADATA has a good level of flexibility in order to save space and the light brightness can be adjusted on three different levels; the base of the lamp is semi-transparent providing a warm, comforting light during night time.


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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


The “Tulip” LED lamp incorporates a flower-themed design concept. It has three-stage brightness control through colored touch-sensitive buttons, and a nightlight. With power consumption up to 60% less than traditional lights, the Tulip desk lamp provides light that is simultaneously bright and soft, while protecting users’ eyes from harmful glare.


When the lamp arm is fully closed, the shape resembles a tulip petal, bringing a warm and comfortable atmosphere to office or home.


The touch-sensitive buttons control the brightness level, and indicate the current brightness by color: pink (100%), purple (80%), blue (60%) and yellow (nightlight).


The desired level of brightness can be easily set, with gradations of 100%, 80%, & 60%.


The lamp base has a nightlight that provides warm, comforting light, for added security and convenience in low-light environments.


Easily Adjusted Light Source Angle


The lamp arm has a 110-degree range of movement, and is perfect for desks, dressers, and bedsides.


Compact and Convenient


When not in use, the lamp arm can be folded and completely closed, saving space.


Product Specifications:




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