ADATA Lighting Tulip LED Lamp Presentation

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The “Tulip” LED lamp from ADATA has a good level of flexibility in order to save space and the light brightness can be adjusted on three different levels; the base of the lamp is semi-transparent providing a warm, comforting light during night time.


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At first we would like to thank ADATA for offering a sample of their Tulip LED Lamp from the Lighting division for testing and reviewing..


About ADATA:

"The Leading Memory Brand with the Most Award-Winning Product Designs

Founded in May, 2001 by Chairman and CEO Mr. Simon Chen, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing the ultimate memory solutions that enrich customers’ digital life with strong belief in integrity and professionalism. With DRAM modules as its initial product focus, ADATA soon recognized the market’s trend and diversified its product portfolio to include Flash application and data storage solutions. Backed by its technical expertise, state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, and premium customer services, ADATA offers complete memory solutions including DRAM Module, USB Flash Drive, Memory Card, Solid State Drive and Portable Hard Drive; and has quickly risen to become the world’s leading provider of memory modules and Flash application products with a 2nd largest share in DRAM modules and 3rd in Flash Application products (iSupply, May 2010).

ADATA understands that professionalism and innovation drive a company’s competitiveness as well as the value of its products and services in the market. ADATA’s strict execution requires performing at the highest standards as it relates to ID design, purchasing and supply chain management (raw materials), manufacturing processes and quality control and testing. Through constant innovation and development of products that exceed customer expectations, ADATA has won many of the most recognized international awards including the National Silver Award of Excellence in Taiwan, Japan’s G-MARK (Good Design Award), CES Innovations Award in the US and iF Design award and reddot design award in Germany.


A Young Enterprise with Remarkable Growth


Although ADATA started with twenty employees only in 2001, the founder, Mr. Simon Chen and the senior management team have extensive memory-related industry experience in manufacturing and global sales, as well as the passion and energy to instill extraordinary corporate values as the foundation of the company. These values consist of integrity, fairness, honesty, perseverance, ingenuity, harmony, love and innovation. All these factors help contribute to remarkable and consistent year-on-year revenue and profit growth, allowing ADATA to achieve 1 billion sales turnover within the first ten year.

When ADATA first started in 2001, there were only 20 employees. But ADATA was a small company with big dreams. Committed to become a world leading provider in DRAM memory and Flash application products, ADATA soon distinguished itself from the competition by its profession, industry know-how, and eye-catching product design.


Perfection through Non-stop Improvement


Despite its impressive achievement, ADATA is determined to outperform itself. In 2010, ADATA began the process of rebuilding brand, and adopted the hummingbird as its corporate icon and an auxiliary symbol of ADATA’s corporate culture, in order to effectively enhance its competitiveness in the international marketplace as well as to prepare the company for the next decade.

The new logo conveys a more modern design that represents consistency, while retaining the foundation of ADATA’s technical background with the traditional corporate color in blue.

The hummingbird incorporates key design elements that reflect our culture, vision for the future and our commitment to become a global brand. The Hummingbird’s agility suggests that ADATA is highly responsive to market and consumer demands; its swiftness demonstrates leading innovation and productivity in the industry; its exploring nature signifies our determination to pursue all possibilities; and the color and modern design reflects the exciting and dynamic characteristics of ADATA’s brand.


Strong Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility


Realizing its social responsibility, ADATA takes extra care in the selection of key memory components, complies with stringent manufacturing specifications and quality inspection processes, and has passed the ISO14001 certification on environmental management, as well as the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, thus providing stable, compatible and high-performance memory products. This allows ADATA to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) at a time the company is pursuing rapid growth, putting emphasis on both protecting our earth and sustaining a green enterprise.”

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